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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

If the voters of this Country give the Republicans control of either the House or the Senate there will be chaos, and the blame can be laid at the feet of the women and the men who care about them. I just cannot believe how stupid we are as an electorate. The Republicans are not being sneaky. They have told us exactly what they intend to do. Hitler wrote Mein Kamph telling the world exactly what he would do, and the Republicans have done the equivalent.


The Republicans will also put our government in default and do a bunch of other terrible things. Remember, they have no incentive to do anything good for our Country. The worse we do in the next two years, the better chance the Republicans have of taking back the White House in 2024. This is not rocket science.


Watched the entire Yankee v Cleveland game. Stanton took care of things early with a 3-run home run.


Got final confirmation today of a dinner reservation at Central in Lima, Peru during our upcoming cruise. Central was recently voted the second best restaurant in the world and it is not easy to get a table. VIP Concierge Services at Centurion American Express got it done for me.


Today I went about trying to arrange with my insurance company to authorize several months supply of the various pills I have to take. Generally the insurance company authorized my prescriptions on a monthly basis. In other words, a 30 day supply.

Now people, I cannot make this stuff up. After explaining everything to the first person to whom I was connected, I must say in very cogent and succinct terms, I was told I had the medical division and I needed the pharmacy division.

After waiting way too long to be transferred, and explaining again what I had just explained, I was told she had to check to see if it was doable to get more than a one month supply. I commented very politely that I did not think I was the first Aetna policyholder to travel for more than 30 days.

Then, my personal favorite, I was asked if I needed all my pills for this extended period.

Again, very politely, I asked whether in her experience people ever only wanted “some” of the pills they have been supplied for several years. I asked whether she had any suggestions as to which pills I would not want. Should I not take the blood thinner that prevents blood clots? How about the pill that stopped me from retaining water or control my cholesterol? The response I received was “I am required to ask that question”.

I was tempted to ask for her supervisor but I did not. I did think about calling my cardiologist to say, “Skip the stress test, I just had one”. My word!

It was finally worked out (unlike Jack Nicholson who never got his toast), but something that should have taken five minutes, took an hour. Oh, I almost forgot. When I told them I would be out of the Country for a period in excess of 30 days, I was asked “where are you going?” I said to Italy and on a cruise and asked if they needed an itinerary of each port”.


I had no interest in the Florida Senatorial debate between Demmings and Rubio and did not watch a minute. I truly detest Rubio but think Val has run a terrible campaign. Maybe more than that, I hate the voters in Florida who have their heads so far up their asses that I am really beside myself. The Democrats should win in a landslide but are likely to lose because the voters really do not understand the issues.


Congratulations to Jay and Nancy Simons who celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. I share a lot of the same tastes in music with them. They are very nice people and dedicated to one another which it was it takes to last this long in a happy marriage.


Since Clarence Thomas, a black man married to a white woman, is likely to leave inter-racial marriage alone, I have the perfect match. Majorie Taylor Greene, who is getting divorced, and Herschel Walker who cannot keep his zipper up. Think how convenient, neither has to move, since they both live in Georgia. I am a regular Dolly Levi. Thank you very much. "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match”.


I have a doctor’s appointment this morning. Expect all to be fine.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

P.S, if the Republicans are in control they will no longer support Ukraine.


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