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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

I stayed up most of the night. My Wife, thinking the Republicans would romp, went to sleep. In the races she was in charge of, she did quite well, but she and most expected the Republicans to take control of the House and maybe the Senate.

I started writing this post at 1:45 am shortly after Fetterman was declared the winner of the Senate race in Pennsylvania. As of that time, it looked like Georgia could be a runoff. When we will know about Nevada and Arizona is unknown. My guess is the Republicans will hold on barely in Wisconsin If that is wrong, the fat lady will have sung and the Democrats hold on to the Senate.

The House is also too close to call. They are still small underdogs but they still have a chance to hold on to the House. It may come down to four seats in California. If the Democrats lose the House, the very blue state of New York could be the culprit.

Remember Madeline singing “I’m Tired’ in Blazing Saddles? Well, I am tired, having been up most of the night, and having spent the entire day with my Wife going from polling place to polling place in Broward.

It will take some time for what happened to sink in, and, in fact, as of this writing we do not know for sure who will control the Senate or the House. Probably the Democrats hold control of the Senate and lose the House, but not by nearly as much as predicted.

Here are some initial thoughts:

1. The Democrats did a horrible job in Florida.

2. DeSantis was a huge winner.

3. Trump was a huge loser.

4 Steve Julien would have been far better on the School Board in Broward.

5. Demmings could have and should have won. She had the money but chose to spend it on television instead of building an infrastructure on the ground. Her missteps cost a lot of other people a win.

6. Ryan gave a great concession speech In Ohio.

7. One emerging superstar is Josh Shapiro, who won the governorship of Pennsylvania, demolished his opponent, a true crazy, and vaulted himself into national prominence. I can see a Newsome/Shapiro Democratic ticket in 2024.

8. We will not know what happens in Arizona for probably two days.

9. The Nevada Senate race could go Republican. The governorship will go Republican from all indications.

10. Congratulation to Marie Woodson, Robin Bartelman, Rod Velez and Jeremy Katzman.

11. I cheered when Fetterman was announced the winner in Pennsylvania.

12 A woman’s right to choose won out everywhere. Maybe the Democrats and Republicans could forget their differences and vote to codify Roe v Wade.

13. The Ukraine may be safe now from losing assistance from the United States.

14. I would feel much better if this Lake lunatic in Arizona lost, but that is far from done.

15. Important that the Wisconsin governorship stayed in the hands of the Democrats. That got rid of another crazy.

16. The very blue state of New York really hurt the Democrats who would have kept control of the House for sure had things gone as they should have.

17. Florida is now a deep red state

18. I just do not understand the Hispanics

19. It boggles my mind that Governor Abbott continues to win. Same can be said for Rand Paul.

20. The Republicans are unhappier than the Democrats. They can blame Donald J. Trump.

Go Ukraine 

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