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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Remember all those high salary athletes who chose to be paid in crypto? I hope they diversified their asset portfolio or they took as huge a hit as they ever had on the field. I think Aaron Rodgers was paid some of his salary in bitcoin. Trevor Lawrence took his entire $22 million plus signing bonus in bitcoin. Oh my!


I am reading a really very good biography of Merle Haggard, but the book is much more than about him. It is about country music and the regional aspects of it: Nashville, Texas, Bakersfield. As I read about certain recordings, some of which I know and others I do not, I go on YouTube and listen to the specific recording. Then, if I see the same song by other artists, I listen to those and compare.

What I have learned is that the thing about great performers is just about everything they do is at the top or near the top. In popular music, for example, once Sinatra or Crosby or Bennett did a particular song, it either set the standard or came damn close.

I now have a much better appreciation for and understanding of what made Jerry Lee Lewis so great. Other singers had big hits with particular songs, but after listening to the hit, often I see Lewis subsequently did the same song. I think without exception his version was better, sometimes by a lot. As an example, Ray Price had a huge hit with a song called “Crazy Arms”. It was a fine recording, but then listen to Jerry Lee Lewis sing it and see which you think is better. I think Lewis wins hands down.


The South Carolina Supreme Court unanimously has ordered Mark Meadows to testify before the Atlanta grand jury. I doubt Meadows will not try to go to Federal court.


By a vote of 61 to 36, the Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act. It now goes to House where it should pass and to the President for signing very quickly. My question is how could 36 United States Senators vote against a law that permits a person from marrying whomever that person wants?

Both Florida Senators, Cruz, Hawley, Graham and McConnell are among the shitheads opposing the Bill I just do not get it.


On this Friday December 2, there will be a major general strike across all of Italy which will affect air, road, sea and rail travel. Unlike the United States where these strikes can be of indeterminate length, it is already announced this strike will be for 24 hours. The dispute has been called by the trade unions over a range of issues including wages, working conditions and employment contracts.

Strikes are programmed at different times across Italy. The people are not forgotten. For example, the rail workers are set to strike between 21:00 on Thursday until the same time the next day with train services guaranteed during peak travel times on Friday. One could conclude that Italy knows how to protest better than we. In our country, we just shoot people and threaten to bring down our whole economy solely to gain more political power.


Many, but particularly Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and Rodger Stone, should be at absolutely full alert because a jury, after an eight-week trial, found two Oath Keepers guilty of seditious conspiracy and other charges with respect to the attack on the Capitol on January 6.

Tie this to the recent decision by a district judge that Presidential immunity does not cover Trump for any role he played in this insurrection. I would be plenty worried if I were he.


In the "could not happen to a nicer guy" department, Kanye West settled his divorce case and has to pay $200,000 a month in child support. He also announced that he owes $50 million in back taxes. Wonder if the subject of screwing the government on their taxes came up at his dinner with Trump? West went to the master on how to avoid paying taxes.


In the “at least I am a little surprised department”, Don Mattingly took a job as the bench coach for Toronto. Mattingly managed both the Dodgers and the Marlins over the last decade and I wonder why he was interested. In this kind of job.

I know many baseball fans have other first choices, but Mattingly is my first choice to get into the Hall of Fame. He should have been voted in years ago. My last choice is Curt Schilling. I intensely dislike everything about that man.


Thank you for all your concern and well wishes for son Steven. It is still undermined how much of a struggle he has ahead of him, but it will not be fun.


The United States is still in the World Cup eking out a must-win against Iran 1 to 0. I find it fascinating to listen to the opinions of the Italian football fans. They are really very knowledgeable about all the teams and players around the world.


At the time of this posting, I have no current medical report on son Steven.

Go Ukraine

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