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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Well, I kept asking and asking for a ruling from the Supreme Court on Trump’s tax returns, and yesterday it finally came. With not a single dissent, the Court ruled against Trump. Maybe, I am not sure, Trump can ask for a rehearing, but it is now over.

This does not mean that you and I will know at any time soon what is in those returns, but, as we all know, Washington is not a leak free town and there is no such thing as a secret.

Millions were spent fighting this issue and there has to be reasons. Note, I did not specify ”whose money’. Trump has been a master at using other people’s money.

At least on this one occasion, the Court that Trump thinks he bought and paid for did not deliver. There is not a lot of joy in Mudville. ———————————— Yesterday, my favorite Trump text came from Don Jr.: " My father doesn’t ask everyone, he asked YOU. He wants YOUR NAME on the 2024 Presidential Donor List. HURRY."

Can anyone think of anyone from whom Trump would not take money? ———————————- Today’s Hobson’s Choice: Hawley or Cruz. ——————————- While I am in an absurd state of mind, how about Trump’s running mate being Don Jr.? Never in our history has there been a ticket of father and son.

Reminds me of the movie Major League where Bob Uecker, referring to the meanness of a Yankee pitcher, said something like, "He threw at his son’s head in a father-son game." ——————————— A new National poll by Quinnipiac University does not bode well for Trump. 57% of all Americans said it is a bad thing that Trump is running again. Only 34% think it is a good thing.

58% of all independents said it is a bad thing and even 27% of Republicans do not like Trump being a candidate.

It cannot be a Happy Thanksgiving in the Trump household. ———————————— Speaking of happy households, I wonder how things are with the McConnells, given that Mitch voted against inter-racial marriage. His Wife was born in Taiwan. Way to go. ————————— Sorry I was late posting yesterday. I had completed my writing on time, but neglected to push “post”. ——————————- I am not sure whether I care less about Tom Brady’s social life or that of his former wife. I can go either way. ——————————— We had a good time yesterday even though it rained too hard to go to the open market. Went to a wonderful cheese factory where they produce world class cheeses, particularly pecorino. Also went to a nice wine tasting/restaurant just to see it.

Gianni and Gabriella met us at the restaurant so we had nine in all with our driver. Ate two ice popsicles for dinner and still gained over a pound. Have to eat very lightly today because tomorrow night is a disaster. Then, Beth and family leave early Friday and very little will be consumed until we meet Stefano and Luca for lunch at Sabatini on Sunday.

We have no more guests this trip. Three more Saturday afternoon concerts, one more brunch, lunch one Friday in Scarperia, one Friday in Corrazzano, and three days in Paris.

Lots to do once we leave Italy to return to Florida. Lots of people our age have slowed down more than we so today we thank our lucky stars. ——————————— Go Ukraine.

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