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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

In the sport’s world, which is much more fun than the real world, the Rangers continued being unbeaten on the road, and are now one game from winning the World Series. The Dolphins made no moves at the trade deadline, the Las Vegas Raiders fired their head coach and general manager and injuries are decimating many teams.


Blinken continues to impress me. The New Speaker continues to scare the hell out of me. McConnell gets it when it comes to the importance of the Ukraine.


Another friend’s Wife has inoperable cancer. Very few people know, and a lesson that keeps hitting me in the head is to be careful about judging what other people do or say. One rarely knows what motivates others because they do not walk in their shoes.


When I started practicing law, the Stroker firm was a major player. This week they shut their doors and will be no more. Legal profession is not waltz in the park. Speaking of Waltzes in the park, check out Fred Astaire and Syd Charisse dancing in Central Park to “Dancing In The Dark”. It is sheer beauty.


The Swift/Kelce story has more legs than a looming government shutdown, a lunatic running for President, two wars and a far right Speaker who makes me wish McCarthy were back. That does not count or immigration issues, our mass murders beausevwe have no gun control and a corrupt Supreme Court.


Tuberville wants to lift his blockade on one promotion in the Marines. The top guy is sick


Getting ready to get ready to going to Frankfurt on Friday for 3 days and Dolphin game.


I expect one day soon there will be an avalanche of things happening. Right now everything is in the works. Holiday today in Italy.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan,


Go Ukraine

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