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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Barbara is better but we stayed on ship yesterday and she is not 100%. Whether we get off the ship today remains to be seen. We stayed on the ship yesterday. Not sure yet about today in Mindel, Ilya De Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.


I am really unhappy about the North Carolina Legislature overriding the Governor’s veto of an atrocious abortion bill. Any way any business or person who can stay away from North Carolina should do so.


I am really happy about how the election went in Jacksonville, Florida. Democrats won not just the Mayor’s post but other important offices as well. Hoping this is just the beginning of the tide turning against DeSantis. He scares me even more than Trump because he is far smarter than Trump. They both do evil things, but DeSantis does them primarily because he thinks it is politically expedient. Trump does them primarily because he is evil.


I keep being reminded that I could be wrong, what’s new about that? However, I think DeSantis is, politically, a dead man walking. I do not think he can beat Trump for the 2024 Presidential nomination, even he cannot get a third term as Governor so where is he going to go? There is the end game as I see it.


I could not be more pissed off than I am at McCarthy and the Republicans trying to hold for ransom raising the debt ceiling. The are playing Russian Roulette with not just our economy but with the free world’s economy.

Moreover, although I hope it eventually gets done, and it is far from guaranteed, we are already suffering damage. Our President, who has forgotten more about foreign relation than any Republican, is having to cut short really important meetings elsewhere in the world because he has to cut his plans short to come back to deal with these total assholes.

The debt limit should have been dealt with a longtime ago. This is not a surprise. Each day that goes by results in more and more damage. Our politicians are acting stupidly and the voters by electing them are equally culpable. It is hard to soar with the eagles when you work with turkeys.


Here is a heart breaking, truth is stranger than fiction story. Yesterday, staying on the ship, I went into the lounge and had a very pleasant talk with a fellow passenger with whom I had had friendly conversations from time to time during the cruise. However, we never talked about his family.

This is his first world cruise and somehow the conversation got around to why he was taking this cruise. Here is his explanation.

He and his Wife have one daughter now in her 30’s. They have not seen her or heard from her on know anything about where she is or what she has been doing for over five years. They are not estranged from one another. The daughter is some kind of computer programmer working for our government, not the CIA, and she cannot have contact with anyone lest they be in danger.

This man took a world cruise hoping that, at some place along the way, his daughter could be standing on the dock waving to her parents. They know she has been in most of the hotspots in the world. Our upcoming stops in the Canary Islands is their last chance. They do know that their daughter will not have this top secret job forever, but can you just imagine how they feel?


Got to visit with Bill and Connie Kleinfelter. They are among a not very large group whom we hope to see after the cruise They are both smart and nice and nice to each other. Sometimes, looking around the ship, I think some of the couples not only are not nice to each other, but have an affirmative dislike for one another. In my career as a divorce lawyers, I have often said, in various contexts, that “there is a warm fuzzy feeling coming home and seeing the other half of your money”.


Bad day in market Monday. Good day on Tuesday.


Dinner in cabin last night for me. Barbara still not able to eat normally, even for her who eats abnormally by most standards.

Watched first movie in ship’s television last night. Chose “Pretty Woman” which I thought was even better than the first dozen times I saw it.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine


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