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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Florida’s horrible Governor recommends that “healthy children”, whatever that means, should not be vaccinated. That goes against CDC recommendations.


Coco Cola, American Express and McDonalds have now agreed to boycott Russia. Maybe Russian kids, deprived of french fries and a coke , will lead a revolt against Putin.


Listened to Ukraine's President Zelensky address the British Parliament. Everyone stood and cheered. What he needs is planes rather than cheers.


Listened to President Biden announce we were cutting off all energy purchases from Russia. Good move. What I also liked is that, although he was very candid in his speech, he refused to take questions. I have pointed out before, but it is worth repeating, that the media often asks questions, the answers to which, assuming known, could compromise what we are trying to get done. So much of the media seems to be unable to discern what should be on or off limits.

I can just imagine the following:

Mr. President, when do you intend to have a sneak attack on the convoy marching toward Washington?

Answer: I do not want to tell you because, if I do, it would not be a sneak attack, would it?

Right after this dialogue, Fox News and the Republicans accuse Biden of hiding important information from the American people. Gingrich calls for impeachment.

Impossible, right? Wrong.


Aaron Rodgers signed a four year $200 million contract and will stay with the packers. $153 million is guaranteed. He is a great quarterback, not such a great human being, which is irrelevant. Still, the first word that comes to my mind is “obscene”.

—- ————————

In more NFL news, a blockbuster trade between Seattle and Denver. Key is Denver gets Russell Wilson.


I had a quarter of a tank of gas left but decided, since It was convenient, to fill up my car. The cost was $86. No doubt that if I drove another 50 miles before filling up, it would have cost $100.


Still no blood test results despite my leaving a message on my doctor’s private cell phone.


When daughter Beth has a major problem, she introduces that problem by saying “We," not "I", "have a little situation." I have written very little today and am late posting because yesterday beginning at around 2 pm. I encountered several little situations that prevented me from watching or thinking about the things I normally am concerned about. As sometimes happens to us all, I couldn’t get my act together.


Root for Ukraine, pray they find a way to get fighter jets, and have a nice day.

See you tomorrow.

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