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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Forgot to mention yesterday that a pack of Marlboro cigarettes costs $41 Australian Dollars, over $27. U S Dollars. That is the Australian government’s approach to discouraging people from smoking.

Cost may stop more from starting than it will stop people already addicted. We know people who could not stop even at $100 a pack, maybe more.


I gave our Sydney guide’s personal email. He prefers that customers use:


Why does Powell have to throw the stock market into a tailspin every time he opens his mouth. The man should just shut the f—k up, and when the time comes,do what he thinks is the best thing to do. He has to know that hundreds of millions are lost when he talks so what is the point?


Many years ago, we met some Italians in a cafe in Venice. They said to us “when the President of Italy is bad, he ruins Italy. When the President of your country is bad, he ruins the world. Donald Trump almost ruined the world and I do not see another Republican candidate who would not. Romney, Cheney, Kinsinger, maybe Christie and there could be a few I do not know about. However, I see no serious Republican candidate who does not really want to be Emperor.

“There really isn’t an up side to Trump”. That quote from, of all people, Tucker Carlson, really says it all.


Today was a sea day. New trivial pursuit team. We have six leftovers and four new members all very nice, surprise, Aussies. We lost but they are smart and we could win. New team name “Ship Happens”.

All four dancers and two singers leave the ship in Melbourne tomorrow and are replaced by four singers and two dancers. Fortunately, all the very talented shipboard musicians stay. Frankly, since we have our Cruise Director Ross Roberts for the entire cruise, we are fine. The man is simply a phenom just made for the job. He confessed to bringing 41 jackets on board and to having a new shipment arriving momentarily.

Have any of you heard of Tim Tams? It is an Australian chocolate cookie that comes in various combinations. dark chocolate, milk chocolate. Double chocolate, dark chocolate mint, caramel are a few. These devils could easily qualify as one’s last meal on death row. They would easily be my choice for dessert now that Lindy’s no longer is around to make cheesecake.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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