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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

This is really some combination both mean and shocking. In a sense, I am embarrassed to even have such thoughts go through my head, but here goes. Until one or more of these lunatics with access to automatic weapons walks into a NRA meeting or a school where the children of politicians who oppose gun control laws are slaughtered, all the pro gun people will say is “so sad, too bad, guns don’t kill people …”

It would not be wrong to conclude that human life is just not important to millions of people and, for sure, the majority of our elected Republicans. Really, how can guns be more important than human life?

We are protecting our children from books, drag shows, sex education, world class sculpture but not from being shot dead by automatic weapons.

We are on our way, if we are not already there, to be the unsafest country in the free world. Come to think about it, we may be on our way to not being part of the free world. If politicians, can tell our children what books they cannot read, tell teachers they cannot teach things that people need to know, all anyone to own a gun, tell a woman what she can do with her own body or tell anyone who they can love, we may be a fascist country very soon.


We spent yesterday in Probolinggo, Java, Indonesia. Went into by tender, then shuttle, then got around town on small motorized open tuck tuck. Cost was about $7 for four hours. My feet were swelling and we found a massage parlor where a world class leg and foot massage was $7 per hour.

Seabourn had an excellent sail away show. I would have like the group of four excellent singers to have done several more numbers.

All the caviar one could eat and any drink desired so one would think there would be a bigger crowd. I think the 5 p.m. start time held down the numbers because it was over well before 6 p.m and all the evening eating venues do not open until 7 except Keller’s.


Today we are in Surabaya, Java, Indonesia but only until 4:30. There are 2.7 million people. I have no idea what we are doing.

We lose most of our time in Capetown, where we have never been. However, the five day safari we are going on from Durban, that we thought would get us back to the ship the morning it docked in Capetown is now not scheduled to meet the ship until 8 30 p.m . So, we have only about six hours in Capetown the second day of the overnight.


Internet now working, but not before some chaotic times.


Pence and others have to testify, and I understand no stays are being granted.

Christie says “no way” is he supporting Trump. DeSsantis is worse but who else is there? Trump has legal problems up the ying yang, so could get interesting.

McCarthy is turning out to be even a bigger schmuck than even I anticipated. Where is the Republican budget? They can’t come up with one without attacking social security and Medicare so they are blaming Biden. Remember raising the debt ceiling is to pay past bills. The Democrats did it for Trump three times but that does not count.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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