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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Almost 3 million people have fled Ukraine — very powerful.


I heard President Zelensky address the Canadian Parliament. He did an outstanding job and received perhaps the longest and warmest sustained standing ovation I have ever witnessed. He basically said, not being bashful, “I do not need your applause, I need your guns, your fighter planes, and protection in the skies."

This morning, I do not know what time, Zelensky will address our Congress. Some say this will be the most important speech he has ever given. Wonder if Rubio will be too busy to listen. Little Marco is fast moving up my HOFSL. (Hall of Fame Shit List)


Last week I had to cancel dinner with grandson Jaden. It was very nice at a very expensive Japanese restaurant. The food is very high quality, but $34.00 for four one bite pieces of fatty tuna is a little bit much in Hallandale, Florida.

Reminds me of the joke where the waitress says to her customer, “Thank you for not saying anything about my hunchback”. The customer replies, “ I thought it was your ass because everything else is so high in this place”.


It looks like the Braves have given up on signing Freddie Freeman. I wanted him to stay even though getting him out of the Marlins’ division is a huge break for the Marlins. Whatever Freeman’s lifetime average is, it is probably at least 50 points higher against the Marlins.


Andrew Whitworth has retired. If you are not a football fan, you may never heard of him. If you are a football fan, unless you are a real fan, offensive left tackle is not a position followed by every fan.. this guy was one of the best ever.

However, Whitworth is far more than just a football player. Go online and listen to his acceptance speech when he won the Walter Peyton Man of the Year award. I mentioned it several months ago because his remarks were so thoughtful.

We read all the time that athletes are getting into big time trouble abusing drugs, breaking various laws, and beating up girlfriends and wives. I guess the media thinks that is better or more interesting news than the athletes who give back to their communities and make a huge difference in the lives of kids, primarily, but also others such as the elderly.

Whitworth really is an extraordinary human being. He just happened to be one of the greatest football players of all time? He played until he was 40 and went out on top.


Finally, a win day in the stock market on Tuesday. Today the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates. Even though everyone alive thinks that will happen, and even though common sense dictates that the interest rate increase is already factored in, anything less than a huge down day would be welcome.

The futures are up substantially. Maybe we can actually have back-to-back up days.


Not a great as it should have been, but still a bi-partisan vote in the Senate as Shalanda Young received 61 votes to be confirmed as head of OMB. Of course, Rubio and Scott and the normal gang of Republican hoodlums voted nay. McConnell also voted nay. We now have a Black woman member of the Cabinet.


Do not know how others feel, but I think we need to find a way to get guns and planes to Ukraine. Do not remember my history that well, but Roosevelt found a way to get Churchill what England needed through Lend-Lease.

By the way, we gave Russia billions of dollars in WWII. Putin has a selective memory.


We are in extensive talks with China. This is all very tricky stuff, but I think there is a chance China will stay on the sidelines for now. I hope so. The leadership in China is the most patient in the world. They think about the situation hundreds of years into the future while most of us think about tomorrow.


Root for Ukraine see you tomorrow.

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