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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

I woke up today trying to get to tomorrow but my family is in yesterday. No wonder I am confused.


There is no more separation of powers in Florida. The only questions is whether Florida has two branches of government instead of three or only one. Clearly, there is no legislative branch. The Florida Legislature has totally abdicated its constitutional powers and rubber stamped everything DeSantis wants or just let’s him do it himself. The Republican legislators ought to hang their heads in shame.

It is too early to know if we still have an independent judiciary. That will depend on whether those judges elected by the voters are supplicants of DeSantis, and whether those judges DeSantis appoints grow some balls once they put on their robes. Everyone can rest assure that DeSantis is not appointing anyone he does not think will follow him everywhere. However, funny things happen to some judges once they are sworn in. Some actually do their jobs and give all litigants a level playing field.

I think Biden gets re-elected. If he does, even beating DeSantis who is term limited out once his second term of Governor is over. I understand we have to put up with the growing autocracy in Florida, but at least there is some possibility things can get better when this virtually neo-Nazi is no longer Governor.


It was a sea day yesterday where nothing special happened. Did badly in trivial pursuit and no poker. Spent a good deal of time with a friend traveling by himself and think I helped him with some personal issues.

Had very nice dinner with other friends I met through Barbara. They are only on the cruise a few more days as they get off in Sydney. Very smart, pleasant successful people who are very nice to each other and with whom it is really impossible to be uncomfortable.

We then went to quite an entertaining show by a British Comedienne/Singer. She was very likeable and did two great Kander and Ebb songs very, very well.

Barbara was very happy with a lecture she attended about museums in Australia. This is a very civilized part of the world and I recommend both Australia and New Zealand to anyone who not been here.

There will be more turnover in the crew. Those who know me well, know I do not like change. Barbara is Exhibit A.

Today is another sea day and another formal night. I brought a tuxedo but so far have not worn it and I will keep my streak alive.


Grandson Jaden is off to Italy with one of his classes. He is a history major at Vassar and doing exceptionally well. He is one terrific young man.


My best bet is that the Supreme Court will not approve Biden’s forgiveness of student loans. I disagree and would be tempted to have these debtors simply not pay. Hell, we can even collect income taxes due. How well would the government do chasing those who did not pay their student loans? Never thought I would ever express such a view but that I how I feel. We once paid farmers for not growing crops. Many segments of our society have been bailed out. Why are these people different?


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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