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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Went out to lunch yesterday wearing neither a brace or carrying crutches. I just walked out of the house into the car, sat in the front seat like a normal person, then got out of the car, walked into the restaurant and did fine.

I felt really strange walking for the first time in five weeks. I could still feel the brace even though I was not wearing it. Yes, I felt I took tentative steps, but overall, I did not look like or appear to be a cripple. It will take some getting used to, but I now can shower and dress myself and if I want a drink can go get it without asking Barbara to wait on me. I no longer feel like an invalid, although i know I cannot overdo it, and I am not ready to tackle the stairs to my normal bedroom or the gym.


Marlins finally won easily 12 to 2. At least in the context of baseball, but only baseball, I can say, “Thank God for Washington”.


I cannot believe the Republican position on gun control legislation. No one needs a semi-automatic weapon except to kill a large number of people quickly.

I like the Democratic idea of taxing guns 1000% and making them as expensive as cars. Then, we can require gun insurance just like car insurance with various deductibles etc.


I like the idea someone posted on Facebook that it is now time to take all the semi-automatic weapons and donate them to Ukrainian soldiers. That makes more sense than trying to arm our teachers.

My prediction is that if the current stupidity continues, by the time school starts next fall there is going to be total chaos because the teachers are simply not going to show up in the schools.

For those that do, the first time something goes wrong, like a kid being accidentally shot and a lawsuit against everyone in sight, our entire educational system, already no longer among the best in the world, will just collapse.

The lack of perspective, the inability of our politicians to think more than one or two steps ahead, is frightening. However, do not worry, the Republicans are beefing up their intellectual ranks with candidates like Hershel Walker who will lead them out of ignorance even though he cannot spell “ignorance”.

I really wish this were funny but it is not. Yesterday, my sister suggested that I end my posts with a joke so that she has something to laugh about, but the jokes are our politicians.


Fox “News” is not going to air the January 6 hearings. That fact, alone, speaks volumes. They really just need to be named “Fox”. Obviously, the actual news is of no interest to them.

It is one thing to broadcast what has occurred and then interpret or misinterpret that news no matter how accurate or distorted. However, to totally ignore what is happening is really mind-boggling.

I think Fox should pick three or four deadly diseases and choose never to broadcast anything about new drugs or cures for the diseases.

Who do you think made the decision not to broadest the hearings? Was it Rupert Murdoch or Tucker Carlson? What does Fox do if something really startling happens. After over 56 years in the courtroom, one thing I have learned is that once people are under oath, the lies you have predicted or expected them to tell, often change.

I have no crystal ball, but I will not be surprised if a witness (or more than one) all of a sudden decides, “Hell, I am not going to commit perjury in front of millions of people including my parents, spouse and children. It ain’t worth it”. I have seen it happen and it could happen again.


I have a birthday coming up this Monday. Planning on just lunch out with Barbara and Bobby and Elaine. In a sense,I am really pleased that it looks like I have made it another year and with most of my marbles. I still cannot play the piano. On the other hand, I think I have given less thought to this upcoming event than I have for any other birthday. This is probably a function of embracing Barbara’s idea of maximizing each and every day, which we are trying to do. This means that my birthday is just another day, except I may actually hear from some people who have been too busy to stay in touch.


The Republican Senator says AR-15 rifles are needed to shoot prairie dogs. Really? Hard to even come up with anything more to say. Pat, that can be the joke.


Or how about the dishonest accountant who ran away with the accounts payable?


Go Ukraine

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