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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

You all know or should know that I am not a fan of Kevin McCarthy. However, right or wrong, good or bad, he is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. No matter what our political view, liberal or conservative, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we should all be Americans first.

We need to have a government that governs. The people elected are elected to get things done for our Country and not to feather their own nests and feed their own egos. There are way too many spoiled brats who take their football and go home if the game does not go the way they want it to.

We must, absolutely must vote these people out of office. They are disgracing us more and more each day. If each person took just a couple of minutes and wrote their Representative expressing dismay at their performance and telling them no more money and no more support at the ballot box, maybe it will help, maybe not. However, for sure, if we do nothing, nothing will be done.


Has anybody else read about the possibility of a Joe Biden - Barack Obama ticket? I cannot even begin to know why a man who served as President for 8 years or even for 4 years would want to be Vice President. In fact, is it even possible? It is not because one cannot be Vice-President if not qualified to be President in the event of the death of the incumbent. Barack Obama is not qualified having already served two full terms. End of speculation.


Charles and family leave today. I hope they had as good a time visiting us as we had having them visit. Our daughter in law has devoted an unbelievable amount of time and effort into these three grandchildren and the return on this investment has been overwhelmingly positive. It could not be done without our son’s total commitment to their children. Together, I cannot think of a stone they left unturned to educate these children.


Lunchin Scarperia was great but I get fuller just writing about it. Now I expect we eat and drink much less until Tuesday when we go to Ferrara to celebrate my birthday.


Today our granddaughter Harper graduates from South Broward High School at the top of her class. Ordinarily, we would rue not attending, but even were we home, there are no tickets available. We will watch it online. Congratulations Harper Valley.


Big game for Heat. Will try to get up and watch it.


I am giving up a Grateful Dead Concert in New York on June 21 to attend the Past President’s dinner at The Florida Bar Convention. I was President in 1990, some 33 years ago. I recall as a young whipper snapper, seeing some of the then all timers and thinking “are they still relevant, would they be able to handle today’s issues?” Now, when Barbara and I walk in, I expect people will look at us and think “isn’t it nice the old geezers made it out of bed?” If they only knew that in my mind, I am still a young lawyer looking to make my mark and I think I can still hold my own in any courtroom against any one of them Damnit, just tell me where and when as Michael Douglas said in “The American President”.


See you tomorrow at least that ismy plan.


Go Ukraine

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