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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

“I did nothing wrong”. This is now one of Trump’s go to mantras. In his alleged mind, Trump never did anything wrong. His psyche will not allow him to admit error. He has to be right.

Trump reminds me of my Uncle Lou. We would go together to the horse track or the dog track. Uncle Lou never lost a race. Why? He bought a ticket on each horse or dog so that he could show me a winning ticket every race. This was my Grandmother Fox’ s Brother and I would never even think of calling him out on this. However, I never did ask for nor receive part of his winnings.


I saw that Walgreen’s stock took a hit. Obviously, I cannot speak about most of their pharmacies. However, there are several in Broward County where I live and I have personal experience with many Walgreen stores. Without exception, they are terribly run.

There is a Walgreens literally five minutes from my house. I will only walk into that store if I have absolutely no choice. It is next to impossible to find an employee who can answer a question. Many times there is just a cashier and a pharmacist. Even the bathrooms are filthy.

Many years ago, Howard Johnson’s were very popular. One of their problems, however, is that they ever had enough help. I often thought they had a committee that decided how many employees were needed and then reduced that number by about half. I think that committee moved to Walgreens.

The Locatel, on the other hand, is great. They have plenty of help and they are very knowledgeable. The pharmacy is a pleasure in all respects.


I confess. I did not realize that Neil Gorsuch was so ultra conservative. I knew he was conservative, but voting with Thomas and Alito provides a really scary trifecta. Pelosi May be right. Life tenure for these Justices requires the services of the Jackal.


Bulletin: This just in. Christie, according to Trump, ate all the cookies.


I hope some of your heard Secretary of State Blinken on “Morning Joe”. He effectively explained many of the dynamics in Eastern Europe. Anyone with any intelligence should understand the importance of NATO, and we can thank President Biden for its viability.


We will only see Trump at his own rallies and on interview shows that he can totally control. He is not going to ever testify at any of his trials, and it is very unlikely he will debate any of the other Republican candidates. He is so far ahead of the others and has nothing to gain by debating.


Received a new laptop yesterday. The difference in sharpness is remarkable . Our Firm’s IT person did a great job.


Dinner with Beth at Greek Joint. Just the two of us as Barbara had some political event.


DeSantis has announced he is in favor of eliminating I.R.S. as well as the Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy. That is quite a platform.


Marlins won again two in a row from Red Sox in Fenway. They are playing really good baseball.

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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