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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Tuesday was a good day. I upped my time and speed on the treadmill and went over 27 minutes without pause. I also, for the first time, navigated our staircase using both legs.

Most importantly, I received a great report from my personal physician. Passed the ultrasound with flying colors and tomorrow I am off to visit my money in Vegas.

Went to the ballpark last night for the first time with son Steven, Granddaughter Harper, and her friend. I really love sitting in a ballpark. I would say just walking in to any ballpark lowers my blood pressure significantly, but it was 118/70 at the doctor’s and everyone was very fine with those numbers.

Castano gave up several cheap hits, but he also got hit very hard. This outing was not nearly as impressive as his first outing.


Ballpark not as relaxing all of a sudden. Sitting at the game I received an email from American Airlines that my flight to Vegas was cancelled and that I will be hearing from them soon with who knows what?

The airline reservations were made months ago. I hate any kind of change and just making sure I cover all the other changes now caused by this cancellation is no small task. I start by cancelling the car to the airport for me and our daughter and then the car picking us up in Vegas.

There are no other non stop flights to South Florida so I have no idea how we get there.

We ended up booking on Delta through Atlanta from Lauderdale. We get there five hours later, but did not have to get up at 4 a.m and avoid Miami Airport which is always could. I think I can walk, but if late catching connection in Atlanta or too far for me in time allowed, I should be able to get help.

When I left Ballpark, Marlins had rallied and were ahead 7 to 5. They eventually won 9 to 8


I missed most of the January 6 Committee hearings, but from what I heard personally and from what I heard reported, it sounds more and more like Trump and others committed out and out treason.

I used to refer to the Republicans as “hoodlums” overlooking that I may be exaggerating to make a point. It is turning out that I was not exaggerating. Trump and his minions were prepared and tried to do everything to overthrow a duly elected government.

We have several great civilizations that are no more. They all self-destructed from within. This is no exaggeration. Those of us presently alive could be living at a time where the United States, the greatest democracy in history, self destructs.

Just think about the literally dozens of terrible things that have happened for the first time in our history since Trump came on the scene. That he has not accepted the orderly transition of power is beyond mind boggling.

As I was writing this, for some reason, my mind went back about 50 years to when I coached a T ball team. If we lost a game, our team shook hands with the other team and I shook hands with the opposing coach said something like “good game” and then took my team out for ice cream or pizza or whatever.

I really never recall a kid I was coaching thinking we had won if we lost. I do recall both as a coach a few times and as a spectator where the umpires or referees made a bad call and it changed the outcome of the game, but that was the end of it.

Now we have evolved to a place where if someone does not like the result, they revolt. It just happened in New Mexico where one of three who had to certify the result of an election simply refused to do it. That man needs to be punished severely or what just happened in New Mexico is going to become pervasive.


It is now almost 9 a.m. I am leaving for airport in an hour. I either end this post now having said not that much or wait to see if I have anything more to say as the day goes on. I decided just to post now because some readers tell me their day starts after they read my post. I do not want to be responsible for or blamed for whatever shitstorms come down the pike today. Hopefully, tomorrow’s post will be from Vegas.


Go Ukraine

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1 Comment

Wendy Kranz
Wendy Kranz
Jun 23, 2022

Hope you are successfully on your way to Las Vegas. Buon Viaggio e buona fortuna!

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