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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Ran a lot of errands yesterday, but most of the day was spent trying to download my season Marlin tickets and parking passes on my iPhone. No one, including MLB Baseball and the Marlins plus a granddaughter and daughter could get it done.

Went to Past President’s dinner at The Florida Bar Convention. Food was better than usual but evening underwhelming.

Went to Whole Foods to buy fresh squeezed orange juice. Price about triple Florence prices, and juice better in Italy. ————————- Trump cannot be happy with the late rest polls. He slipped badly since the last poll. Still, he will never quit probably even if he is under multiple indictments or even in jail. If he were in jail many would still vote for him. Some despite his being in jail. Others because they would not know he was in jail. Remember, many of his cult are not the cream of the mental crop. ———————— Shame on the House for censuring Adam Schiff. Things are getting worse everyday, not better. ————————- Look like the other half of the two ultra conservative Justices may be as unethical as Thomas. Alito has now been caught with his hand in the cookie jar big-time. Never thought I would see these kind of shenanigans.

I think that what should happen is that the A.B.A. or Slate Magazine or some other watchdog group, has to do an in depth analysis of every case that is on the docket of the Supreme Court in order to determine if any Justices have conflicts. ————————- The courts are beginning to take a hand and twice this week the anti transgender legislation has been enjoined. Of course, there will be appeals and it will be a long time until the fat lady/fat man sings on these issues. Why does any one care what gender another person wants to be? Why cannot we just mind our own business? ———————— By the way, if anyone wants to buy a Sub Zero refrigerator, the wait is almost a year depending upon the model. ————————— Here is a dual,I wish both combatants would lose. Greene and Boebert, are cat fighting on the floor of the House. Neither should be in public office. —————————- Trying to get our 2022 tax return filed. I hope I have already overpaid. Sinatra said,in substance, i am only afraid of two people ——Tommy Dorsey and my Mother. I am only afraid of Barbara and I.R.S. I would pay them before I bought food. ———————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. —————————- Go Ukraine

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