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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Late today for two reasons. First, I wrote nothing yesterday for today and really never thought about anything to say. Second, I overslept. Marlins won getting three in the 9th but I did not stay up to watch and will not use a late game as an excuse. I simply followed my late dear Mother’s advice to eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired.

There is an old divorce lawyers’ joke about the woman who goes to see the family lawyers to say she wants a divorce. The lawyer is amazed because he knew the couple well and thought they were very happy.

The wife admitted she still loved her husband very much but that he did three things that drove her nuts and she could not stand it any longer. “What three things?” asked the lawyer.

The wife explained. "First, he is constantly picking his nose and it is disgusting. Second, he takes all our sheets and blankets and wraps himself up in the bed every night and I am left uncovered and cold. Third, our sex life is totally unimaginative. He only likes the missionary position and he will not even ever let me be on top”.

The lawyer, seeing the problems but knowing this marriage was salvageable, says, “Let me talk to your husband”. The lawyer meets with the husband, lays out the three allegations, and says to the husband, “How do you plead?” The husband says, “Guilty, but with an explanation that I was just following my late dear Father’s advice”.

The lawyer asks about the details of the advice, to which the husband replies, “My Father taught me three important principles. First, always keep you nose clean, second, cover your ass at all times, and third, whatever you do, don’t fuck up”.


What is the reason today’s hearing was continued?


Our new air conditioning unit downstairs is being installed today. Our compressor went out over the weekend. Fortunately, our air conditioning service helps us out on weekends if possible, and the weather is not scorching, so we did okay.


Yesterday, I drove for the first time. No real problem except some discomfort getting my left leg bent far enough to get in the car since I cannot open door as far as it can go in our garage.


I saw a new client yesterday. It is still fun for me to consult on cases and possibly be asked to be the lawyer chosen. Most of the people I have worked with are retired, those who are still working are talking about retiring, and I do not want to retire until the phone totally stops ringing and no one wants me, I lose my marbles, or I find myself taking shortcuts. I have worked really hard to become the best lawyer I could be. I have earned the respect of my peers, and I do not want to lose that respect. So, although I know it is almost over, and that I had a great, really great run, I am still not ready to totally retire.


I understand the price of gasoline and other staples is a crucial issue, but the price of prescription drugs is a major issue that must stay in the forefront. There is no reason why a pill or injection should cost multiple times more in our country than in others.

Do not listen to the Big Pharma bullshit, ”But we developed these drugs and are entitled to recoup those costs and make a profit from the risk we took" etc etc.

Keep in mind that the cost of developing, say, insulin, way overpriced here, was paid for long ago. Second, these big companies let you think they paid all the R&D costs which is not true. Government grants were significant. Third, these big companies are not taking the risks, they are trying to convince you they are taking.

There are lots of small companies out there with the personnel and other wherewithal to come up with new great drugs. The big companies take a position, say 20%, in these little companies. If it works out, they buy the company. If it does not work out, they write off their investment.

Admittedly, there is much more to this issue and all I have done is try to point out that we are getting royally ripped off. A pill should not cost $.26 in Canada and hundreds here.


Still looking at over 500 birthday greetings and it may take some time to thank you all.


Go Ukraine

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