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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

You know what word is starting to drive me nuts, or nuttier, depending on your point of view?

"AGAIN," as in, "How can we stop this from happening AGAIN?".

How can we stop false allegations that an election was stolen AGAIN? How can we stop anyone from buying weapons of war and killing innocent people en masse AGAIN? How can we stop 60 people from suffocating trying to escape tyranny and find a better life AGAIN?

I do not have all the answers, but i do know that we have to do much more than we are doing. Why can other countries do better than we are doing? One big reason is that greed is running rampant in the United States. The Republicans are no longer interested in the common good. They are interested in lining their pockets and in power.

We will never solve our gun problem until the NRA is reduced to rubble. We will never have fair elections until we pass fair election laws. The same is applicable to our personal freedoms, which are quickly disappearing.


One of our Senior Associates, Lauren Alperstein, is running for Circuit Judge in Broward County. I helped mentor her, and my Wife is her Campaign Manager. Lauren’s opponent is a sitting judge who, in my opinion, should not be on the bench. Many others agree, including the Sun Sentinel, which on Tuesday endorsed Lauren’s candidacy. Believe me when I tell you how extraordinary it is for the newspaper to choose the challenger against the incumbent. Yeah!


Went to Marlins game with Beth. My first opportunity to see Ohtani in person hit. Tomorrow night will see him pitch. Was scheduled to miss game for dinner date but dinner was continued until middle of the month.

Watching Alcantara pitch is a real treat. He threw a sinker 98.9:miles per hour.

Another victory for the Marlins. That is six in a row.


Trainer returns at 8 a.m. today. Have to get ready for the Olympics of at least our cruise, a grandchild’s Bat Mitzvah, and a couple of baseball trips.


Kinzinger and Cheney and even their families are receiving death threats for daring to call out Trump and for working to prove Trump should be in prison. Various nooses are tightening and, hopefully, it will only be a short time before some major heads start to roll.

Nonetheless, whatever happens, death threats are just one more outrage -- another example that we are becoming more lawless every day.


Mark your calendar for July12 at 10. a.m. for the next hearing of the January 6 Committee. They have some momentum and I hope they do not lose it.


The euro is $1.02. Will be interesting to see if it gets to parity or, maybe, even lower. If you're thinking of spending any time or money in Europe, now is a great opportunity to buy euros. Of course, one has to have the money which is easier said than done.


Yesterday I listened to George Jones sing a song called “Choices”. This is another important word just like “again”. Each of us always is faced with literally hundreds of choices, maybe even in a day. Many choices, such as to have a cone or a cup are mundane, but many are so serious that the future of our Country is at stake.

Yogi Berra once said something like, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”. We, as a nation, are facing some really profound forks in the road. We are going to have to make some difficult choices.

A multi-volume book could be written about the choices presently facing America. The biggest one is whether we are going to continue to be blue or red or whether we are going to finally say, “Enough, we did not get to be the best country in the world, the envy of almost the entire world, by being the lawless greedy schmucks we have become.

It is time to choose which fork to take."

Right now, the image in my head is the movie “Thelma and Louise”. I see us about to go over a cliff. It is time to start paying real attention to what is happening, and stop it.


Go Ukraine, and vote like your life depends on it.

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