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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Another Republican genius running for Senate from Ohio says that beaten wives should not get divorced. Sounds like Vance will fit right in the Wife Beater’s Caucus. They need to get T- shirts with “Bring me another beer, bitch!” on the front. Where do the Republicans find these assholes?

I have never done well with spouses or others who either physically or mentally abuse anyone. I almost went to jail when I tried a case where the Husband repeatedly beat the crap out of my client. When the idiot judge announced his findings, he found my client was “lightly battered”.

I was so mad that I stood up and said, “Your Honor, you mean my client is a tempura spouse?” I have never been as pissed off at a judge.


Doctor called with test results. Did fine. Also did fine with trainer this morning plus 20 minutes on treadmill. Overall, making good progress.


Is Garland finally looking at Trump? Looks like that may be happening. Still cannot figure out why Pence and his people do not have their shovels out try to bury the man who was willing to have him die rather than to give up an office he lost fair and square. I know there is something in the Bible about turning the other cheek, but this is ridiculous.


Marlins left too many on base, but López pitched great, and team played well -- beat Reds 2 to 1. Their young ball players are getting in some quality playing time.


Lunch today with a client at Abe and Louie’s in Boca. Always a nice place to eat.


Happy to see that Biden is no longer being as passive toward Trump and his gang of hoodlums. He is starting to defend himself and even attacking back. I would not categorize our President as “a vicious bulldog”, but it looks like he is done with his “it is okay to kick me in the right nut because I have a left nut” attitude.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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