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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What is going well in Texas? I cannot think of anything. Texas does not have enough electricity, the Uvalde school massacre was totally botched, 40 people were found dead trying to seek refuge in Texas, practically everything Biden does pisses off Texas Governor Abbott, and he has spent a fortune of taxpayer money bringing lawsuits which, for the most part, have been unsuccessful.

Yet, Abbott is way ahead in the polls. The Texans do not seem to care about their Governor’s performance. What is it they like? Do the Texas women like the new restrictive abortion laws? Maybe they like the idea of turning in their neighbor and collecting a bounty. Wow!


Biden’s approval rating on his handling of the Ukraine War is 46%. I find that absurdly low. What could Biden have done that he did not do? Just his unification of NATO should give him 25 more points.


Conan Gray, admittedly a singer with whom I am not familiar, was roundly roasted for his singing of “The Star Spangled Banner” at Monday night’s Home Run Derby festivities. I listened to it twice, and although it was not terrific, it was not as bad as I thought it would be when I read all the criticism, I have heard a whole lot worse.

For anyone interested, I think the two best versions I ever heard were by Lady Gaga and Lou Rawls.


The House passed a bill protecting both gay and interracial marriages with 47 Republican votes. The Senate may refuse to go along but my bet is that there are a whole lot of Republican Senators who have gay children, so this one is not so easy. Do not know about interracial marriages, but just the definition of what is an interracial marriage is not a gimme.


I bleed maize and blue. I knew ”The Victors” before I knew “The Star Spangled Banner”. A bit of me was torn off when I read that Coach Harbaugh and his Wife spoke at a Right to Life event. Yes, I embrace the First Amendment, but also the right of a woman to choose………..


I enjoyed the All Star game, but the Home Run Derby the night before was more fun. The Republicans won the game so there is no dispute about last night’s outcome.


I am trying to get into a restaurant in Lima Peru called Central. Has anyone ever been there?

Also, can I have a recommendation for a restaurant in Capetown? Never been there either.


I think Bannon is convicted. Whether he actually goes to jail or is sentenced to house arrest remains to be seen. One would think there would be difficulty picking a jury that could be fair and impartial. The fact that so many in the jury pool never heard of Steve Bannon gives you a good idea of just how uninformed people are.


A great day yesterday in the market. Maybe the bleeding has stopped.


Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depends upon it.

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Hendrix was a Vietnam Vet who was accused of making it a protest song; he said it was just how he heard the song after serving over there. I agree with you on Gaga, but this one is certainly memorable.

Like source lists Marvn Gaye, Jimmy Hendrix, and the famous rendition of Whitney Houston above Lady Gaga's Star Spangled Banner: Click the video at the ott bottom for the Houston versaio]] httpeHH neHs:// .

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