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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The hypocrisy of Mike Pence and other Republicans is laughable. “Let the American people decide” Trump’s innocence or guilt. Seriously? Then why cannot the Aamerican people decide about what a woman can do with her own body and other major issues? The Republicans have long ago failed their constituents.


Trump is about to get indicted again. It is time for this man to hear, “call your first witness”. What do you say to a former President in a suit and tie?

“Will the Defendant please rise.”


My friend Gary Silverman is still in the hospital and will remain there until they can get his blood pressure up.


Looks like the major renovations on our house will be delayed I am not happy because once I agree to do something, I want it done.


Doctor visit for me, on balance, fine subject to test results. Did take on a lot of water weight which I need to shed.


Very frustrating watching the Marlins lose again in 10. A great first half of the season is about to go down in flames.


I really feel like we are all living in the Twilight Zone. Honestly, take a careful look at what is going on in America, and tell me honestly, “did you really every think we would have someone run for dictator, a dishonest, unethical Supreme Court, and true lunatics in both the House and Senate?"

Okay, not everyone is brilliant but the vast majority of our elected politicians wanted to make us better, to solve problems. Now all they want is power and money


Going to the doctor yesterday and having all those tests was an enervating experience, then things did not go as well as I had hoped with our house renovations, but one really great thing happened. When I went to my office, there was Grandson Jaden who is going to work in the office this summer as an intern. I smile every time I see Jaden Fox Miller, our oldest Grandchild. He has come a long, long way, excelling at Vassar. Jaden is really smart.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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