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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

I did attend Lauren Alperstein’s swearing-in as a Circuit Judge. Barbara and I both wore masks. It was a really terrific ceremony and it was clearly the right decision to go. We left the house just before 8 a.m. and were out of the courthouse by 10 a.m.

All the speakers were terrific and none spoke too long. We thought our son Charles was the best. Lauren gave more than suitable kudos to Barbara, who was instrumental in guiding Lauren’s campaign. Lauren keep referring to Charles, with whom she worked for 14 years, as “Charles” and me as “Mr. Miller”. That is what happens when one gets old. I do understand it is a sign of respect and I appreciate it.

Lauren, who is only 38, has a great judicial career ahead of her. She has all the appropriate tools to be one of the best. By the way, we have had some real clinkers in Broward County but we have also had some great judges. If I had to pick just one, it would be Joe Gonzalez, but there are many that were terrific.


From the courthouse, we went to see Bobby for a couple of hours. We were expecting a disaster, but he is, at least for last few days, doing very well. Things were looking bleak, but now we are very encouraged.


Barbara spent the rest of the day packing. I was on the telephone for several hours. I worked a few hours and dealt with some complicated logistics getting ready for the cruise.

It got tricky because of this damn Covid test now required. We cannot do it before 48 from the embarkation time, and need to get the results quickly. We are going at 1:30 and get the results tonight. In Italy, we got the results in 20 minutes so I am not understanding why it takes so long here. Keep your fingers crossed although we both feel fine


The television was on all day as the Republicans made a mockery of trying to elect a Speaker. McCarthy is in trouble, but Jordan is probably not electable. Where is Liz Cheney when we need her? Meanwhile, Trump is still the lead clown. The Republicans are proving they do not deserve to govern.

Meanwhile, the Democrats finally have their act together. What a pleasure to see them finally have a chance to laugh off their collective asses.


Damar Hamlin is alive but still not out of the woods. Were is not for the story in Washington, this would have been the headline story.


I refuse to read anything about Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan


Go Ukraine.

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