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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

We docked in Manta, Ecuador at noon. Had lunch on the ship and then went into Manta which has a beautiful beach and about 300,000 people. There is a very large colony of Ex Pats because of the beaches and low cost of living.

We had a delicious early dinner. A large local very good beer called Pilsner cost $2 and a generous portion of fresh grilled fish served with unique plantains, rice and a salad was $6. The U.S dollar is the currency

Walking on the beach, we saw a bunch of quite good young athletes play a game with a net that was a cross between volleyball and soccer. No one could tell us the name of the game but the ball, similar to a volleyball, was either kicked or headed over the net.

When we got back to the terminal thinking we would board a bus for a short six or seven minute ride back to the ship, we found that because of the tides, the ship had to move quite a distance from the dock. A bus ride and then tenders were needed to get back on the ship, and the process took several hours. Even with moving the ship, the waters were so rough, it was no easy task to get back on the ship. for some passengers, it took over three hours to return to the ship. It took us about two hours.

We are supposed to get off the ship to meet our guide this morning at 8:00 a.m. As I write this at 5:30 a.m., I have no idea how or even if we will be able to get off the ship. About 30 passengers taking a three day excursion to the Galapagos were scheduled to leave at 4 a.m. I do not know if they left or not, but I can see we are still anchored at sea and not docked in port.

I just called Guest Services at 5:45 and they have to get back to me as to whether the tenders will be running, and if so, as of what time. We wanted to be at the fish market in time to see all the fresh fish come in, but whether we make it, remains to be seen.

By the way, we found two people, really a nice couple who will be joining us at Central in Lima next Saturday. I had been hesitant to ask them because they were traveling with another couple and I had only two seats available.

I just got a call from Guest Services. The first tender is not until 8 a.m. so we will miss the fish market. These things happen, although we were told that this is only the second time in five years that the ship docked and then had to move, anchor and use tenders. If what happened is the worse thing that happens on this cruise, I will be more than happy.


Saw Kevin McCarthy’s committee assignments. It probably is not rare than an elected politician sells his or her soul. It is much rarer that he or she delivers. McCarthy delivered and now the patients really are in charge of the asylum.


By the way, where were all you Republicans when Trump ran up the national debt? Now you are screaming and willing to have our country not pay its debt even conveniently forgetting that you played a major role in running up this debt. I remind you again that this is not about increasing the debt. It is about paying the debt already incurred.

I am here ready, willing and able to buy whatever the Republicans want to sell me. I just will not pay for it. Any takers?

What I don’t get is that in other walks of life these Republicans are really smart accomplished people. Somehow their brains just cannot process certain concepts.

I have a brilliant friend, makes millions, speaks five or six languages fluently, and is one of the best deal makers in the world. My friend does not know left from right. I have to point which way to go because if I say “turn left here”, it doesn’t happen. I do not cut and paste. I know it is easy. Barbara and others have explained it to me hundreds of times, and I just have a mental block that prevents me from doing it. No need to send me your easy explanation. I still won’t get it.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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