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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Our second day in Papeete was much better than the first. There was still 98% humidity and very uncomfortable, but whatever was wrong with me on Monday went away and I did fine.

Barbara and I went off on our own. We were 15 minutes late meeting up with the taxi driver we had hired and he did not wait for us even though I assured him we would show up and that Barbara was not always on time.

Left without a taxi, we walked around. I bought two really nice light Tahitian shirts and then we found a nice dress for Barbara to wear at a great party Seabourn gave for the around the world cruisers at the intercontinental Hotel. It was a gorgeous setting. The food and drink excellent, although I was very careful about what I ate and did not drink alcohol.

In my view, although I admit to being biased, no woman looked better at the party than my Wife.

We saw a great show. The best island dancing I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. Then again, we were in Tahiti so if the Tahitian dancing is not great here, where will it be great? I think the vast majority of guests thought it was a first class party all around.

We left the ship by bus at 5 p.m. returned around 8:30 and set sail for Bora Bora where we are about to dock at about 9 p.m. we have been here before and have nothing special planned.

We sat with our South African friends now living in Boca, a lady from New York traveling by herself and a couple I had never met who live in Switzerland near Zurich.

As one would expect, we like some fellow passengers better than others, and, of course the reverse is true. Not everyone has us anywhere near the top of their list. However, there was only one passenger Barbara and I both affirmatively disliked. I think that if the crew took a truth serum, and they are paid to love all the passengers, they were not fond of this woman either. Anyway, she is gone having taken only the first segment of the cruise.


I could not hear all of Biden’s State of the Union, but what I heard I liked a lot. I would love to know for sure what Romney said to Santos. I am not a McCarthy fan as you know, but from what I saw, he acted respectfully and with proper decorum. That cannot be said about Marjorie Taylor Greene and others. She is one terrible lady.

Some of my Democratic friends are not huge Biden fans. I understand the reasons. However, I think there are no other Democrats with the temperament to deal with the Republicans and also have the respect Biden has elsewhere in the world. Keep in mind that I am on a ship with intelligent people from all over the world. I have yet to hear a bad word about our President. On the other hand, I have heard a lot about our dysfunctional government and the growing lunatic element in the Republican Party.

If I gleaned an overall theme from Biden, it was “let’s finish the job”. Like him or not, any even semi-impartial analysis of what he has accomplished should lead to the conclusion, that he has accomplished a huge amount despite strong headwinds. We are far better off now than when Biden took office.


Surprised by good day in market yesterday at least for me. Today, looks bad.

Yesterday daughter Beth had to put her cat to sleep, and, of course, she was all torn up. When I lost my last dog, it was so devastating that I swore “no more pets”. It is bad enough that I am losing friends right and left.


I do not have time to write more. We just docketed. I have not yet done my stretching routine which I do religiously every day, and I have to get ready to do something today when we get off the ship.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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