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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

We had a very nice day yesterday. Went to the culture center, to a local place for lunch, walked through Chinatown and went to a huge grocery store. Got back to the ship and was once again exhausted. Did not make the sailaway or dinner. Just had a couple of drinks composed of fresh orange juice and Perrier. I did work some on the talk I am giving. I have not heard when. The next three days are sea days so I imagine sometime during the next three days.

Met a really nice well spoken lady in the restaurant we were at in yesterday in New Caledonia. She even offered to drive us back to our ship but we had a taxi hired. We learn so much about other cultures by going to lunch where the locals eat.

Passengers were complaining bitterly about the heat It does not seem to bother Barbara who goes to the gym after returning to the ship but I cannot even keep my head up. Not surprisingly, Barbara reported she was the only one in the gym.

I really do like to be in ports, but the heat is bad that I could not wait to get back on the ship. Unless we have a dinner date as we do tonight, Barbara really prefers to stay in the cabin. I stay in the cabin most port days with her because I cannot move.

Last night there was not a single thing I wanted to eat. Not even an anchovy pizza which may be the meal I miss the most now that I am limited in my sodium intake.


Very very bad day in the stock market. I would not even look to see how bad.


Even some of the diehard, but not lunatic Republicans onboard are acknowledging how great was Biden’s trip to Ukraine. That visit really got people’s attention.

Biden’s spearhead in Poland seems to have received good reviews. Have not yet had time to learn anything about Putin’s speech.


It is worthwhile reading Heather Cox Richardson’s summary today on a few other issues such as the railroad accident in Ohio and McCarthy’s handing over tapes to Tucker Carlsen.

The House Republicans just have too many lunatics in their midst. How some of these people continue to get elected really scares me. I really did not think so many voters could be that dumb.


Does anyone but me try to avoid self serve checkout?

Does anyone but me not like the new baseball rule barring the shift?

Does anyone but me wonder what Russian parents who have lost their children in the needless war against Ukraine are thinking?


I got up in the middle of my night to write and post this because my readers in Florida are already up and doing whatever they do.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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