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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

My glow remains from being named December Trump Patriot of the month. However, I am very disappointed that my family and close friends barely congratulated me. Further,I am really surprised and disappointed that not one local newspaper called me for an interview as I hear that at least one local paper seems very interested in my life Oh well, not everything in life goes as expected. I would cancel any subscriptions but I do not have any,


Trump’s tax returns will finally be made public. Speculation is rampant among the talking heads as to what will be found and the significance of these returns. I have no idea, but there has to be some reason why Trump has spent literally millions trying to stop these returns from seeing the light of day.

The problem, for me at least, is I find Trump’s way of thinking so unusual, not unpredictable, but clearly not normal, that I cannot develop any rationale for his actions.

Whereas many records stand for decades, such as Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak, the record for the world’s biggest witch hunt is broken, often several times in the same month.


Barbara and I, with great love and respect, wish our daughter Beth a very happy birthday. She is the heart and soul for so many people. We speak to her everyday wherever we are in the world. People who almost never share their lives with others share them with Beth. She has an uncanny ability to connect with others, often almost instantly. We are very, very proud of her, our eldest child, and wish her everything good.


I wish there were away to get rid of George Santos. From everything I read, the man is almost a total fraud. Nonetheless, there is little doubt he will be seated in the new Congress as a Republican from New York. The Republican majority is so thin that they would never take any adverse action. Besides, Santos backs McCarthy, which makes it almost 100% that Santos stays The only chance of getting him out is through his resignation. That would take huge pressure from his constituents. The one patch of blue is that Santos’ every House term is for only two years. My bet is that the Democrats win this seat back in 2024.

If the House Republicans do not unify over who will be Speaker, if there is a prolonged fight, by the time the smoke clears and a winner emerges, that winner’s turn as Speaker could be very short and ineffective. As I understand it, one of the issues for McCarthy’s opponents is that they want it made easier to remove the Speaker.

For the last several years, I have been shaking my head at the lack of unity among the Democrats while, at the same time, the Republicans never aired their differences publicly and always presented a unified front. It is about time the Republicans are beginning to suffer and I want it to get worse


Zalensky is coming to Washington today. It should be interesting to see how he is treated. I am confident all the Democrats will be well behaved. I cannot say that about the Republicans. They have just far too many total nuts.


Do not yet have my blood tests results, but did well at doctor’s appointment. Blood pressure 120/70 and lost almost nine pounds since last visit in early November.

Saw my trainer yesterday for first time since we are back. He, too, was very pleased. He added one more exercise to the routine I do every single day. He is a marvelous trainer. I want him to leave most of the running of his gym to others and for him to have a concierge program. Dean will come to your house and can make a huge difference. For $1500, you can get 12 one hour sessions, and if it is affordable, I recommend you do it. If you messenger me, I will provide his number.


Four of our bags for our cruise are being picked up today. Barbara did a great job getting unpacked and organized and repacked. I specialize in closing suitcases but, miraculously, I figured out how to put on the baggage labels, no small feat, and also how to remove all those little stickers that accumulate on one’s luggage. Now, we may enhance our chances of not having one bag sent to Cleveland, one to New York, one to Chicago and one to Denver.

By the way, when we returned from Italy, I could have brought in elephant tusks. We were asked if we had anything to declare; we said we did not and were waived through. I forgot about the chocolate chip cookies one of our grandchildren likes.


One last note of caution. Even the best pharmacy departments make mistakes so check your prescriptions when you pick them up or before you use them. I am supposed to take 2,5 mg of a particular pill. I got three orders, two were correct at 2.5, the third was 5.0 mg.


Go Ukraine

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