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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Well, Tuesday was the best day in American politics in a long time. The voters in Kansas came through big time and voted pro choice overwhelmingly. The ripple effect of this result is huge and will take days to analyze. I cannot even begin to measure the importance of preserving abortion rights the first time the issue is presented. The fact that it happened in Kansas is very significant. Take that Senator Hawley.. This result should energize voters throughout the country. Wow! Wow! Wow!


I think Sinema is a fool and that she needs to support Manchin’s plan. Having said that, and knowing that corporate America is putting tremendous pressure on her, I think pressure should be put on the corporations to be good citizens and to do what is best not just for their profits but for the country. I used to hear the phrase, “________ is a good corporate citizen”. It appears the concept no longer exists.


On the issue of whether Speaker Pelosi should have visited Taiwan, I go back to what first week medical school students are taught -- “first do no harm”. What is potentially gained by Pelosi’s visiting, as opposed to what is potentially lost? Both the President and Secretary of Defense did not favor the visit. I have great respect for Pelosi, but I think her opinion is not as important as that of others, and, if she is wrong and her visit ignites any kind of conflict, it could be catastrophic. My vote, although I missed her call, is, “Do not go”.


The Republicans are flat out lying when they maintain that changes have been made to the Veterans’ Bill. One non-substantive sentence was deleted.


Just think about the incredible intelligence and technology employed to take out the Al Qaeda terrorist standing on a balcony 7500 miles away. How many countries could pull that off? It certainly tells me that no one is safe not our President, not Putin, not Cruz. Hm!


I just wrote that things had been quiet in the lawsuit Coach Flores brought against the Dolphins, their owner Steve Ross, and other NFL teams. Well, yesterday, almost before my ink was dry, the Dolphins and Ross were exonerated with respect to trying to get Flores to intentionally lose games but were found guilty and Ross was sanctioned for impermissible contact with Tom Brady and with Coach Sean Payton. Ross received a very short suspension but the Dolphins lost a first round draft choice in 2023 and a third round in 2024. Losing a first round choice is harsh so the league was not pleased.


Pat Cipollone has been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury investigating the events of January 6. Business seems to be picking up.


The Department of Justice has sued Idaho over a law that would inhibit ER doctors from performing abortions that are necessary to stabilize health of a patient. Ordinarily, I would say Garland wins but would not hazard a guess in this day and age.


Tuesday night, by a vote of 86 to 11, the Veterans finally got the relief they should have had a long time ago. I have not yet found out who the 11 assholes are. Great news.


Vin Scully, arguably the greatest baseball announcer of all time, has died at age 94. It was almost impossible to criticize his broadcasting skills.


Marlins lost again but had good time at game.

The trade deadline was, essentially, a non-event for the Marlins. This may sound facetious, but with a couple of exceptions, the Marlins roster is so lackluster that there is no other team with an interest in what we had to offer. Reminds me of that O. Henry short story “The Ransom of Red Chief".


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended on it.

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