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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Donald Trump is up to his eyeballs in trouble. Almost hourly, more damaging information is divulged , much of it from the Trump camp itself.

Trump never was good at connecting the dots, but he did not have to be. He sweet talked his minions into forgetting that what he just said or did was totally inconsistent with his prior words or actions. Now, however, he has the FBI, the DOJ and other government employees not hypnotized by his bullshit to deal with, and he keeps digging his own grave.

Trump’s lawyers did such a half-assed job in their papers that the Federal Judge, appointed by Trump and a well known Conservative, had to tell Trump’s lawyers she could not understand what they wanted her to do. There is a difference between the caliber of legal services and the caliber of medical services rendered to a President or a Former President. No matter how big a shit POTUS or Former POTUS may be, the medical care will be first rate. That is, obviously, not true, with legal services.

It will not be good if Trump ultimately is indicted and convicted. It will be worse if he is not. ——————————— Marlins took a 5 to 0 lead into 9th and won 5 to 3. Game over 12:26 a.m. Barbara, who left at 7 a.m. is still not home. Goodnight, Mrs.Kalabash, wherever you are. Her input on the election will be written early in the morning. ——————————— Crist beat Fried easily to become the Democratic nominee for Governor against DeSantis. The pundits give Crist the same odds one has to win the Powerball Lottery. I think that is wrong.

Yes, DeSantis has a war chest of $140 to $150 million, and, for some reason, is much more popular than he has any right to be. He can be beaten, however, if the women voters come out in droves and Disney energizes its thousands of employees to all get out and vote. I cannot figure out why the Senior citizens support him, but way too many do.

Demings has a real chance against Rubio. She may be able to spur on other Democrats. ——————————— Lauren Alperstein is a new Circuit Judge. She was a great campaigner doing everything my Wife told her to do, and really rightfully whomped an incumbent Judge.

Several of my Wife’s candidates did well but not well enough to win outright. They should do well in November.

I do not see the time between now and November going well for the Republicans. Trump is going to cost them big time. ———————————- Book won easily. but keep your eye on Marie Woodson. She is already a superstar with unlimited potential. ——————————— The euro is $0.99 against the dollar and I am reading that the dollar could even get stronger. That is nice for us when we are in Italy, but not nice for our Italian friends who want to visit us in the States. ———————————— What the hell is Dennis Rodman thinking? ——————————— Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s Husband, was sentenced to five days in jail for a DUI. Okay, but why are Giuliani and Trump still walking the streets? —————————— Who blew up that car in Russia that killed the daughter of one of Putin’s biggest allies? Ukraine denies any involvement. Looks like things are going to get even nastier in that war. All Americans have been advised to leave. Some will not. ———————————- Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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