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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Trump has, apparently, refused to pay the legal fees for the 18 others indicted in Georgia. Not all asked, at least yet, but those who have asked have not received affirmative answers. I, for one, think that this is a mistake. It gives these defendants turned down, a pretty good reason to turn on Trump.

There are some added issues for defendants who are lawyers because of the attorney client privilege. However, these lawyers are very likely, almost certainly going to be disbarred so they may not care. Surprised that his lawyer Ellis has been turned down on fees by Trump, but still seems to be standing by him.

The over/under on how many indicted and unindicted Defendants ‘flip” in the next 90 days is 12. These people are not going to go into debt to pay fees and/or risk jail to save a man who would throw his own Mother under the bus.

We have to get the cult leader because he cannot be replaced. People maintain they believe Trump more than their own family members or pastors. They believe whatever Trump tells them is true no matter how absurd. The is no one else alive, not McCarthy, Cruz Goetz, DeSantis or Greene who can make otherwise sane people act insanely. and follow them over a cliff.

Pray that Trump loses control and his bail is revoked. Trump historians can produce dozens of examples of Trump trying to rig the system. He cannot win fair and square or play the rules. He is now in at least two courts that will not hesitate to throw the book at him.


I want to say something about the request of Trump’s lawyers to have the trial in 2026 while the government wants the trial January 2, 2024. The lawyers know 2026 is absurd, but they do not want to leave any time on the table. They do not want to ask for an earlier date, get that date and wonder if they could have gotten more time.

If I had to guess, the Washington trial will be set in May or June 2024 with the admonition that, if you misbehave be ready to go in February or March 2024.


How many of you intend to watch the Republican debate tonight? I am not sure I will.


Expect to have lost several pounds when I get on the scale in a few hours. How? I got a haircut yesterday.


Over 50% of Iowans still think the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. I find that incredible.


Stayed up until after midnight to watch the Marlins get a much need win on the road beating the Padres 3 to 0. This time, our bullpen did not let us down.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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