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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Hard to believe but now we have no leader of the Navy, Army or Marines. One idiot Senatorfrom Alabama has tied up most of our military over an abortion-related issue. Everybody appears to be sitting on their hands including the people of Alabama who, apparently, are all in a deep sleep. Something is radically wrong with this picture. The issue should be getting much more attention than it is. ————————— The Republicans are crying that all the indictments against Trump are interfering with the election process. How absurd is that? Taken to its logical conclusion, anyone running for office could be tried for his or her criminal acts. This is simple. If Trump broke the law, he has to be treated like anyone else who broke the law.

Yesterday our granddaughter Harper spent several great hours with us to say goodbye before going off to college in Gainesville on Saturday. ————————- Trying to select the right people to help is do some things at our house is no easy task. It is amazing how much I do not know. I came very close to making a huge mistake, but thanks to my friend and neighbor helping me, I dodged a major bullet. —————————— It is very hot in Texas and trying to figure out what I will be comfortable wearing is my first task after posting this. ————————— My Wife is not happy I am going on this trip to watch baseball games in Houston and Dallas, and visit Austin. This is an annual trip my friends, also baseball nuts take each summer to visit all the ballparks. Most of us now move pretty slow. We know we do do have many trips left, but my choice is stay home and wait to die, or to continue to try to live as best I can until the dice come up 7. Like George Burns sang in “Old Bones”, “if I have to rush, I simply won’t go” so I have to leave a lot of time to get through the airport. I am not ready for a wheelchair. ————————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————- Go Ukraine

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