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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

I am sorry, but I just don’t get the huge reactions, multiple analyses, differing opinions and (in the vernacular) “big deal” being made over Will Smith’s hitting Chris Rock. Should he have done it? In my view, no one should ever hit anyone except in a boxing ring. Now, this comes from someone who was never spanked as a child and only hit one person in my life, a child who really pissed me off. And I should not have done that, but I did and it is over.

Smith is resigned from whatever really organization he was a member of. His work in progress is all on hold and his significant career has hit a major bump in the road. This man is not a pedophile, he did not rob or steal. In a fit of anger, and to me it is irrelevant whether anyone thinks it was justified or not, he hit another person. Unfortunately, he did it in front of millions of people at the, in my view, over-celebrated Academy Awards, but it's just not the end of the world.

In fact, in the greater scheme of things, it is not as bad as the manner in which virtually every Republican Senator treated a black woman jurist whose briefcase none of them can carry.

Talk about setting a bad example for our children, then start with that instead of an overpaid actor hitting an overpaid comic for what he thought was an insult to his Wife. He could have slapped just because he did not like him. Yes, it is wrong but these things happen probably thousands of times a day and no one gives a damn.


For some reason, Google decided to send me an article about the fact that Serena Williams did not feel a connection to her daughter during her pregnancy. Am I now smarter or better off in any way for knowing this?


I did spend a couple of hours with my friend Marco. Almost all those who have visited us over the years know him well because he runs the finest leather shop in Florence. He may have sold 50 or more jackets to our friends at extraordinarily fair prices and everyone has been highly satisfied. He also sells beautiful purses, wallets and other fine leather goods. I often visit with him, have coffee or a drink, and talk about many things.

Marco and his Wife, finally a pharmacist, are both from Tehran. They both have dual Italian and Iranian citizenship. Today Marco was not busy, and I took a full two-hour lesson on the history and culture of Iran. It was like going to college.

I was not surprised that I knew so little, but the extent of my ignorance amazed me. Of course, I still know not very much, but at least I know much more than before. Iran, for example, has 85 million people. 20 million live in Tehran, which is a very cosmopolitan place. Iran has a huge number of borders, and my first suggestion to those who want to know more is to look carefully at a map. It used to be safe for Americans to visit Tehran, but no more.

Marco is not a diplomat, but he is educated and smart. To say the United States f-—-d it up is a big understatement. Anyway, it was an interesting afternoon.


The Wheatleys are coming, the Wheatleys are coming and we will be very glad to see them In January, we begin a long cruise with them. Mike and Jalayne are both extraordinary people and easy to travel with. That is not true about everyone.


There are a number of things left on my bucket list like the Final Four. Another, is a transatlantic crossing on one of the Queens


Today is my son-in-law Walter’s birthday. He is a really wonderful Husband to daughter Beth and a great Father to her two children, whom he adopted. Walter works really hard and could not be nicer, more loving, or more supportive than he is to me and Barbara. All the best and many more.


The Lord gives the and the Lord takes away, and yesterday the market really went into the crapper. By the way, what do you think the SEC will do to Elon Musk ? He had 10 days to divulge his big new position in Twitter and took 20 days. Don’t think a fine of a few hundred thousand will bother a multi-billionaire. No trip to the moon for you this week.


Why cannot something be done about Tucker Carlson? There have to be some limits to what can go on television, even cable television. If there are not, there need to be. One would think Carlson’s colleagues might try to apply some brakes to his online outrageous flat out wrong statements. He is atrue menace


Bobby Rydell died just before turning 80. His name has to bring back a lot of memories for many of us.


Jonathan Moseley has been disbarred by the State of Virginia. He will appeal. Moseley represented a lot of the Oath Keepers, among others. Never a good guy, it will be interesting to see (1) if he succeeds on appeal; and (2) what delays, if any, occur in the trials for which he was scheduled.


Go Ukraine

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hmmm? Jalayne purchased at 49 of those 50 fine leather fur jackets from Marco AND WE ARE COMING BACK! she has measurements from our friends for more jackets. we are so looking forward to seeing you and Barbara in 2 weeks.

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