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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

One reader writes that he was disappointed with the indictment proceedings and wanted to hear what I thought. of course, what I think is virtually meaningless, but, then again, my view is that what anyone thinks is almost equally as meaningless.

To use a tennis analogy, (clay court tennis), the ball has been put in play. What happens as the point continues is important. I do have some comments, but they are worth what you paid for them.

1. I do not think what Trump’s lawyers say is any better than listening to monkeys chatter. I think their post hearing comments were terrible.

2. The lawyers’ comments were not as bad a Trump’s comments once he got back to Florida.

3. I think Bragg did fine.

4. I am not sure what could have been in the indictment that would have made anyone anti Trump happy. My personal view is that Trump has now been charged and I am pleased he was because he should be treated as any other person. Now it is up to the legal system, more particularly, a jury, to decide his innocence or guilt. He is presumed innocent. We should now all sit back and see what happens. Query: what could have occurred that would not be disappointing? I liked that all the charges were felony charges but mostly because of the optics.

5. Trump’s attacking the Judge or Bragg is just plain stupid.

6. My first reading of the indictment struck me that this is more of a tax case than anything else.


The most important thing that happened occurred in Wisconsin where the liberal Democratic candidate won the crucial Supreme Court seat. That vote will put Wisconsin back in play with respect to many important issues such as abortion, gun control and fair districting. Had the election gone the other way, the Wisconsin Legislature would have been a mockery——-as bad as Florida.

The Republican loser acted typically conceding but far from gracefully. He made all kinds of unkind snide remarks about the liberal winner. In fact, the loser’s speech was so bad that if I were sitting on a grievance committee, I would find probably cause for conduct unbecoming a member of The Bar. I have never heard meaner comments and if they were spoken in a courtroom, most judges would admonish the man. Few Republicans know how to lose.


Finland is now officially part of NATO.


Has anyone paid the slightest attention to Asa Hutchinson announcing he is a candidate for President?


Had an extremely pleasant lunch with our Cruise Director Ross Roberts. I could spend an infinite number of hours in his company. Not only is he very knowledgeable about music, he really listens and makes you feel there is some merit to your views.


Had probably our nicest sea day. Did not win trivial pursuit, but Seder was terrific and show by assistant cruise director also outstanding.

Happy Passover to everyone celebrating.

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine

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