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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Here is a really disturbing bulletin. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but approximately 15 Seabourn passengers on a tour in Port Elizabeth, ii think a walking tour, were robbed at gun and knife point losing their money, jewelry, phones and passports. I have no details. Wow! ———————— Looks like very few people really gave a “s—t” about Don Lemon being fired. at CNN. There was a little more excitement when we got a new mail person inour neighborhood. However, when the gelato store next to our apartment in Florence ran out of pistachio, that generated more excitement However, the fat lady has not yet sung. Both Lemon and Carlson hired the same big time lawyer Bryan Freedman. I suggest both networks prepare their pockets. ———————- Not sure why this very old joke just occurred to me out of the blue. Four women were playing bridge in the living room of the hostess when the hostess’ husband was seen through the window walking into the house with a bouquets of roses. The hostess said, “oh my G-d, I am going to have my legs in the air all weekend”. Her friends responded in unison “don’t you have a vase?”. —————————- I consider myself reasonably well travelled and reasonably knowledgeable about what is happening in other countries. Every country has problems, some more serious than others. Some are making progress in fixing their problems and some are not. Some of the problems directly effect the best welfare of the United States. I would say all effect us in some way. Many countries look to the United States as a leader in the free world. If the President of another country is bad or corrupt, that country can suffer irreparable damage. If the President of the United States is bad or corrupt, he or she can do irreparable damage to the entire world. “First do no harm” is a lesson taught every medical student the first week of medical school. That is a great life’s lesson. Another great, I think, crucial lesson, for anyone in a leadership role is to be surrounded by highly competent, trustworthy and ethical people and take advantage of their expertise. Surround yourself with the most talented people available, not ass kissers. Syncophants are worthless. This principle applied to our political situation, with emphasis on our foreign affairs, should lead even people of average or below average intelligence to conclude that our leaders cannot listen to the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Just the thought that this lunatic woman has the year of our Speaker scares me to death. ————————-

I finally finished The Gray Man book. One more to read and caught up. —————————- Tough trip back from Kobe Game Lodge to Cape Town. Two flights as had to first stop In Johannesburg and change planes. What is a complete mystery to meis why, even flying the same airline, we could not check our bags through. It was quite an ordeal picking them up, then checking the bags again and going through security twice. I feel like I walked three miles uphill both ways Big plane on second leg and not an empty seat. Both flights in coach served better meals that our domestic airlines serve in first class. ——————————- I see that Trump’s civil rape trial has begun. With all his litigation, this one has been pretty much under the radar. Whatever happens, it is unlikely Trump will lose a vote, but that is not his problem. His problem is getting more votes that his cult followers can provide. ——————————- Disney has sued Governor DeSantis. DeSantis has wasted more taxpayer money that probably the next ten Governors combined. However, I may have to exclude Texas Governor Abbott whom I handicap for the gold or silver medal as the nation’s worst Governor. ————————- I may have to take a careful look at Coca Cola stock. The consumption of Coco Cola No Sugar, what we call Zero is humongous. Pepsi is getting slaughtered at least in South Africa. ————————— Even without going to Victoria Falls and eating in our room two off our three nights at Kobe, this was an exhausting trip even for my superwoman Wife. We expect to have a very hectic day today, our only day in Cape Town where we have never been. Then, fortunately, we-have a sea day. After that, we have a number of African ports but we shall see how active we are. I expect the robbery in Port Elizabeth will have some kind of deterrent effect on what passengers do. I doubt walking tours will be as popular as normal. —————————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. —————————- Go Ukraine

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