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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

$787.5 million! Great settlement, in my view, for Dominion. One never can know for sure what a jury will do. Put a value on avoiding that risk. Then, there are post judgments hearings and appeals that could extend the process for years even if Dominion prevailed, and there is no guarantee it would. Put a value on avoiding that risk.

Then, what is the present value of money? That depends on what interest rates are used. There is also the collectability issue. Sure, Fox has the money but it still takes times, effort and money if Fox does not decide to just pay. Also, the meter stops ticking on huge litigation expenses. Dominion made the right decision.


Who did not make the right decision is Kimberly DeBrow. She represents 10 of the fake electors in the litigation. If the facts alleged are true, she will be disbarred. Besides having what appears to be a flagrant conflict of interest, she is alleged to have failed to tell one or more of her clients that they were offered immunity. A first day lawyer should know that the client must’ve advised of all offers and other such possibly relevant matters.

A simple example: My client sues for divorce. The lawyer for the opposing spouse tells me his or her client wishes to reconcile. Even if my client has repeatedly told me “no reconciliation”, I have an ethical duty to tell my client about the other side’s desire.

This lady lawyer is in deep trouble.


Yeah Jimmy! We won trivial pursuit yesterday because I was the only one in the room to know who played Cole Porter in “Night and Day”. That got us double points.


Yesterday did not turn out to be the day we expected. We forgot we signed up for a wine tasting. The wine was okay but we ended up staying for several hours talking to other attendees.

Then I went to pick up a light dinner of a tuna fish sandwich, met another couple and invited them back to our cabin. We had two bottles of champagne and talked until almost 9 p.m.

Have no idea what happened in the world and doubt I will be up much longer to find out.


Still no ruling from SCOTUS on abortion pill case. Stay extended. Have no idea why.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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