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Wednesday, April 13, 2002

I continuously receive email requests for contributions from MOVE ON and specific Democratic candidates. Inevitably, the caption reads something like “Val Demings is closing the gap”. What I am waiting for, but never receive, is a caption something like “Val Demings is now leading and needs to get further ahead”.

What do the Republicans do? Probably something like “Rubio is increasing his lead but we need thugs to keep the opposition away from the polls”. Can someone send me typical Republican solicitations? I have already seen “just a little way to go until our democracy is destroyed” and “DeSantis’ dictatorship almost complete”.


Marlins lost again but scored three runs rather than the customary two. Lost it in the last of the 9th. Why is this season different than all other seasons?


Do not know if anyone is following the saga with respect to the renaming of the Federal Courthouse in Tallahassee, Florida for pioneering Black Judge Joseph Hatchett. I knew Judge Hatchett pretty well. He was a good guy and a good judge. He deserves the honor.

The proposal to rename the courthouse passed the Senate unanimously. Every House Democrat but one voted for the Bill. The glitch came when that nut from Georgia who thought January 6 was just another tourist day at the Capitol found a 1999 decision written by Hatchett barring prayer at public school graduations. That rallied a whole slew of right wing Republicans, including McCarthy, who refused to give a reason, to vote against the Bill, and it went down in flames.

Whether the fat lady has sung on this issue remains to be seen. However, I said it before and I will say it many times again that it is a total mystery to me how any Black person or other minority can be a Republican. The Republicans do not give a damn about anyone other than white Christians who toe the line on every issue.


Following up on the forgoing. Kudos go to the Republican Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court for stopping outrageous redistricting. True to form the Ohio Republicans are now calling for her impeachment.

It should be clear to everyone that Republicans in any public office are not supposed to use their discretion or to do what they think is best for their constituents. They are elected to robotically toe the party line, no matter how outrageous, and if they do not, bye-bye.


Listened to a lot of Bing Crosby yesterday. Also, to a great album with Ella and Oscar Peterson. She is my number 1 female singer and he is my number 2 pianist of all time. Really, it is not fair to put Peterson second. He is really first because the all-time best, Art Tatum, is really from another planet.


Surprised not seeing more about Finland’s and Sweden’s soon-to-be entry into NATO.


Off to Esselunga to do all our shopping for Passover and arriving guests.



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