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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

In the “I just love it” department, District Attorney Alvin Bragg has sued Jim Jordan in Federal District Court in New York for trying to meddle in Bragg’s prosecution of Trump. I hope Jordan, who may be the most incompetent person to hold his current position in our nation’s history, gets his ass handed to him. That could well happen, and if it does, Jordan deserves it.


I am not an expert on federal jurisdiction, but I have the following thought and request input from people who know much more than I. Some basic principles even I have some familiarity with.

One way the U.S. Supreme Court takes a case is when there are conflicting decisions from the Circuit Courts of Appeal, which are the courts just below the Supreme Court.

The Federal District Courts are below the circuit courts.

A district court judge in Texas has enjoined the use of an abortion pill approved by the FDA a long time ago. Texas is in the 5th Circuit.

Within an hour of that decision a district court judge in Washington ruled the opposite way. Washington is in the 9th Circuit.

I know that the decision of the Texas judge has been appealed. What I do not know is whether the decision of the Washington judge has been appealed.

Is it possible that the 5th Circuit reverses the Texas judge, and either the Washington judge’s decision is not appealed or it is appealed but affirmed? If that happens. If there is no conflict between the 5th and the 9tn, there is no reason that the Supreme Court has to get involved.

I have written this because all the talking heads seem to be assuming that this issue is certain to go to the Supreme Court. Could they be wrong?


Justin Pearson was reappointed. Yeah! All seven member present voted for reinstatement. I do not know how many eligible voters were absent.


Yesterday on the ship turned out to be totally different than we expected. All we had planned was my trivial pursuit, hearing our friend lecture, seeing the 6:15 show and having a light dinner in our cabin.

Instead, we learned that the sommelier's lunch

we thought was today way yesterday. Then at the lunch, people we sat with and liked told us it was their anniversary. Barbara, thereupon invited them to our cabin for a bottle of champagne before they went to dinner.

Then, in the middle of the unexpected fancy lunch, one of the people working in the restaurant asked me if she could ask a question. The question was, the new hotel manager has asked to have dinner tonight with just the two of you. We went to Keller’s at 8:15 and then to the late show where members of the crew performed.

So, a day where we thought we would not eat much or drink anything, see an early show and retire early, turned into a bacchanalian orgy.

The only down was that I thought we could go one a short three night safari from Zanzibar. I called Centurion to try to set it up. Late last night, the quote I received was for over $14,000. I thought half might have been reasonable.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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