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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Thursday, December 23, 2021

When is the last time you saw a Republican come to the defense of a Democrat? Not for many, many years, right? Well, the Republican Governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, is defending Joe Manchin. Conclusion: Manchin is not a Democrat.


A Judge in Tampa already threw out Michael Flynn’s lawsuit against the January 6 panel. It took one day. The Federal Judge Mary Scriven was a lawyer at Carlton Fields, one of Florida’s top firms. I believe she was appointed by President Bush

The Republicans rarely even get to first base in the lawsuits they file. I think there need to be more sanctions for abuse of process in bringing litigation that has no merit whatsoever.

Unfortunately, there always seem to be lawyers willing to take money to bring specious lawsuits. We need to dissuade this process by hitting them in the wallet and through the Bar’s Grievance Process.


I really like Pete Buttigieg. Whether this Country is ready for a gay married man is the question. Anyway, I think he is doing a great job as Transportation Secretary.


The around-the-world cruisers who just left Miami, a cruise we cancelled, now have 19 straight sea days due to Covid. I love sea days, but my Wife does not.


Can anyone figure out the best NFL team? I cannot. When in doubt, go with the best quarterback which, in my view, means Tampa Bay or Green Bay. I do not think Miami Bay is a contender.


I could never understand why the Pfizer stock never went up for a couple of years. Now it is finally around 60 after sitting at about 40 for a long time.


Barbara is working hard preparing for Christmas Eve dinner. Therefore, I am going out for lunch.


I think all offices are closed tomorrow so this is essentially the last day of the week. All there is one more week this year, very little will happen.

Have a nice day.

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