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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

I am late with little to say because our break the fast lasted most of the night. Called for 6 pm, guests started arriving 20 minutes early. The last guests left at 11:30. Then my Wife started putting away food and cleaning up. At 2 am it was time for the customary post-mortem most couples have assessing the evening. I am still sleeping most of the night in a chair so I am very late getting started.

We had a very nice group of people. I missed son Steven. Three couples from our first world cruise came along with a very eclectic group of nice interesting people. If there was a Republican, I do not know.

The desserts were equal or better than most Parisian bakeries.

My Wife is off the charts with her energy. She took her yoga lesson at 8 am this morning. I am still not dressed.


I read that Newsom and DeSantis have agreed to debate on Fox News. This will be one of the infrequent times I will intentionally watch Fox News. Newsom should wipe the floor with him . As far as I am concerned, DeSantis is a Nazi without an armband.


There is little doubt that Cassidy Hutchinson’s book will create a stir and probably become a bestseller.


Marlins start a three game series in New York. The Mets seem to play better against the Marlins than against other opponents.


McCarthy appears willing to shutdown the government rather than risk giving up his gavel. For shame.


I am reserving opining on the indictment of Senator Menendez. However, I cannot help but observe that it is his fellow Democrats calling for his resignation not the Republicans. The Republicans rally around their own. Democrats do not.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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