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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

I heard Matt Goetz is intending to run for Governor of Florida. How frightening is that?


Yesterday, although I was tired and not exactly a speedball, I was almost a real person. It hurt a lot, but got to the dry cleaners, the gas station, (which was mobbed), the drugstore, and then drove to the game.

Lots of progress was made at our house. The terrible painter finally came and cleaned up the mess his crew left. a couple of people did not show, but, overall, it is beginning to come together.

We lost a tough game to Mets 2 to 1 in the 9th. Very fast game. As bad as the food was Sunday, it was excellent last night. It is a tough drive for me, but tonight my friend is picking me up which saves a lot of wear and tear.


Since I have come back from my baseball trip to Texas about a month ago, other than eating at the baseball games, a few times at our daughter’s and once or twice at Greek Joint where they cook salt free, all my meals have been home. I have had no alcohol and lost 19 pounds That is without exercise since I fell.


Enjoy the next 11 days, because I see a government shutdown looming in my crystal ball. We have had shutdowns before, but people seem to have forgotten the devastation caused. The bigger problem is that, in the past, there were solutions because those in charge wanted to find on. This time, there are about 15 conservatives who look forward to a shutdown. They. Could care less about the welfare of the country.


There is a much better chance that the auto strike gets settled.


If you are gay, stay the hell out of Uganda. Don’t even think about going.


For the first time in decades, I will not be on the Bima on Yom Kippur morning. We have a new Rabbi and he either does not know I am a past President or just does not care. More money I do not have to donate.


Tuberville keeps rolling along Santos is still in the House, Thomas still doesn’t get it, Boebert is a disgrace, McCarthy has absolutely no balls or ability to do what needs to be done. He really has to realize that selling his soul did not work out and resign.

Remember, most of our ambassadorial appointments are also on hold. We are a mess.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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