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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Pardon the redundancy, but I listened to a speach Trump just gave in Iowa. He sounded like a deranged lunatic. Still, his supporters were eating it up. What comes out of this man’s mouth is really scary.


Judge Cannon finally went against Trump’s wishes, and has ordered him to go to trial in May for allegedly hoarding classified documents. May 20 is the exactly day. Trump asked that the trial not begin until after the election.


Who takes a plea next in the Georgia Rico case? Smart money is on another lawyer Jenna Ellis. She is pissed about her legal fees and Trump’s refusal to help. I am surprised Eastman is still around.


I was really surprised the Diamondbacks beat the Phillies with Nola on the hill to force a game 7. I would be afraid to bet the game.

I was amazed the Rangers beat, no demolished, the Astros to get into the World Series. Garcia was a one man wrecking crew. There was no such thing as a home team advantage.

The bookmakers in Vegas have to be really scratching their heads. These people setting the odds have really uncanny skills, but there have been upsets right and left in both baseball and professional football.


One Republican has dropped out of the Speaker Derby, but 7 our of nine voted that Biden was not duly elected. Talk about a Hobson’s Choice. Do they choose Capone or Dillinger or Willie Sutton?


A very smart friend is of the opinion that the Democrats could stop Tuberville if they wanted to. I disagree but I do not know why. Can anyone explain how one Senator can do what Tuberville has done? I invite detailed responses.


Google posted an article that Kelce and Swift were seen holding hands. Is that really newsworthy?


I am about down to my Bar Mitzvah weight only I never had a Bar Mitzvah.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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