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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Judge Chutkan entered a limited gag order which cry baby Trump says he will appeal. The man simply does not accept that, innocent or guilty, he is under indictment, and has already been treated better than anyone else would be if they were in the same position. Trump is a spoiled brat and deserves to have his ass handed to him.

Some seem to be worried that Trump’s going to jail is a problem because he is entitled to security. I have no problem taking that security away from him if he is found guilty. The prison guards can watch him just like they do any other prisoner. He wanted Hilary locked up. Trump should expect nothing better. ————————- Biden is going to Israel Wednesday. I agree with that move. ————————- Jordan could well become Speaker. I disagree with that move. ————————- Amazing that the Texas Rangers are 7 and 0 in the playoffs. They won both games in Houston.

Phillies won again. Castellanos now has five home runs in three games. ————————- Still no railing for my front steps. Guy won’t even answer his phone. ————————— Since we have taken two world cruises in our life, and cruised about 500 nights, it would be safe to conclude that we know a little some thing about cruising. We are far from experts, however, because we know people who take more than half a dozen cruise a year, and, for all practical purposes, live on cruise ships.

I read the posts on Seaborn Sailors, and some of the concerns expressed and questions asked are so inane that I wonder what planet these people live on. ——————————- We are leaving for Italy tomorrow. Saw first suitcase about 11 last night. My Wife gets it done without fail, but not until my blood pressure goes up a zillion points Barbara does a huge percentage of the work necessary for us to leave, but I still have lots to do mostly with the logistics of going. My best game plan is to just lay out the things I want to take, assume I will be told there is no room for half of it , and then get out of her way.. ————————— Maybe Bobby and Elaine will make it today for lunch. ———————— Had good workout with trainer yesterday, but can hardly move this morning. ——————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ———————- Go Ukraine

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