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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

I stayed in hotel room until 2 p.m. Barbara went grocery shopping so we could have lunch yesterday, today, and Wednesday in the room and breakfast today and tomorrow.

We then left the hotel and did not return until 1 a.m this morning. We each got haircuts, walked around, and met David for an early dinner at Smith & Wolensky.

Barbara wanted to hear live music and we hit the jackpot seeing to great shows at Birdland. Both were sold out but I managed to get tickets while Barbara was shopping.

At 8:30, we saw the Anderson Brothers with three other outstanding musicians do all-Irving-Berlin shows. It was fabulous and took place in the theatre downstairs.

Then we went upstairs to Jim Caruso’s Cast Party which lasted three hours. Billy Stritch played the piano accompanying, for one number each, the talent in New York. I think Stritch, who, among other things, accompanied Liza and other great stars, is as talented as anyone around.

The Cast Party takes place almost every Monday night. It is one of the great things to do if you are into cabaret and features, for the most part, great talent unknown except to the real insiders.

All in all, it was a really memorable day. I do not think there is another city in the world where anyone could have been entertained the way we were entertained yesterday.


Sorry I am late posting but I am not used to staying out until 1: a.m.


Tonight we have my Law Firm’s 25th Anniversary Party at Cipriani. This is the primary reason Barbara and I came to New York. I think about 300 people are expected, including the vast majority of the 60 partners. A few are in trial or had other unavoidable conflicts.


We are very lucky with the weather in New York. It is extremely mild. No coat is needed.


Dollar still at $.97 against the euro and market futures down again.


Hard to believe the Republicans. Now Rick Scott is going to Georgia to campaign for Hershel Walker, who embraces Georgia family values. Other Senators are going as well. Hard to believe. Seriously, the Republicans have absolutely no moral compass. If they win next month, they will set back this country 100 years. It will be the end of our Democracy as we know it.


Woke up to a surprise this morning. Jeff and Igor, our very good friends from Florence, are in New York just for a day and we managed to find a time to meet up. Volumes could be written about both these people, who are world class musicians, and now Jeff is also a world class chef. More about them at a later time


We will be very busy over the next week because this coming weekend is the Bat Mitvah of our youngest granddaughter. Forgive me if my head is not into the world’s craziness quite as much.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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