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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

What is going on with Israel ad the Palestinians is not your run of the mill middle eastern skirmish. It is pure unadulterated savagery. The initial attack,on Sabbath, was against young civilians. Old women are being raped, children killed in front of their parents.

And where is what used to be the great United States? Virtually nowhere. We have no Speaker and the Senate is not even in session. We have no Ambassador to Israel and other important countries and no one seems to give a shit…

We have no speaker. The two leading candidates both stink. Our government is a total failure. Our military needed to be in the Far East is non existent because one Alabama Senator, who is an imbecile, does not care about our country.

If I had to bet, my bet would be that McCarthy ends up getting his gavel back unless some moderate Republican, perhaps an oxymoron, steps forward probably someone presently not a member of the House. We are one big mess. —————————- There are many diverse views in Israel, but they seem to be forgetting their differences, in this time of crisis. Most countries do, but not us. Our elected officials seem to be unable to join together to address many major problems. ———————- Most in the stock market made money yesterday. Go figure. —————————- Great game between Braves and Phillies. It will be a long way back for Dodgers who lost both at home to Arizona. ——————— Our great friend in Atlanta, still very sick, has had a change in attitude. We were afraid he was ready to throw in the towel, but he is now willing to fight. ————————— We have to root for Democrat Ruben Gallegos in Arizona to beat both Sinema and Lake for the Senate. He is ahead, but it is early. ———————— I had my trainer yesterday for the first time since I fell over a month ago. I did better than I thought I would. He comes again this morning. —————————- We heard nothing about the Trump litigations yesterday because the courts were closed. ——————————- Stock futures are up but that by no means is an indication of what will happen once the market actually opens. ——————————— For months, I have been trying to have a railing installed on our front steps. It is still not done. —————————— I hear DeSantis has agreed to go on Morning Joe and be interviewed by Joe Scarborough. I do not think our Governor will come out well. —————————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan ——— ——- Go Ukraine

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