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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Finally, Election Day. The Democrats will lose in Florida due to their inability to get out the vote, but maybe the rest of the country will smarten up.


“Vanity Fair” called Donald Trump Jr. a “despicable piece of shit”. At the Trump rally in Florida on Sunday, Jr. mocked Senate candidate John Fetterman for having had a stroke and claimed he was brain dead. Said he had “mush for brains”.

People cheered. We have sunk to a new low. I have lost any scintilla of respect that I may have had for these people. I am not capable of retaliating nor do I want to spend whatever is left of my life in jail, but I wish these evil people the very worst.

What I would really like is a chance to talk to the parents of these cheering assholes and ask them simply, “Is this how you raised you child?” “Do you approve of this kind of conduct?”.


Meantime, the Republicans are threatening all kinds of retaliation if Trump is indicted. If the evidence leads to the conclusion that Trump broke the law, he must be prosecuted or whatever is left of the Rule of Law flies out the window. What if Trump shot and killed someone? Does the fact that he is a Former President shield him?

Ted Cruz clerked on the Supreme Court. He has a distinguished legal pedigree so what does that make him. He is not stupid, so he cannot be a moron. He functions in daily life so he is not insane, at least in most senses. He is despicable by almost any principle of the Judeo/ Christian ethic. We are not a Christian country yet.


1. The CEO of Google is Indian.

2. The CEO of Microsoft is Indian.

3. The CEO of Adobe is Indian.

4. The CEO of NetApp is Indian.

5. MasterCard’s CEO IS Indian.

6.The CEO of DBS is Indian

7. As is the CEO of Novartis.

8. Diageo’s CEO is Indian

9. As is the CEO of San Disk.

10. Hartman’s CEO is Indian.

11. Micron’s CEO is Indian

12. As is the CEO of Palo Alto Networks

13. The CEO of Reckitt Benckiser is Indian.

14. IBM’s CEO is Indian.

15. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is Indian.

16. As is the Chancellor of Great Britain.

17. The British Home Secretary is Indian.

18.The Prime Minister of Ireland is Indian.

19. The American Vice President is Indian

20. As is, of course, the Prime Minister of India.

So, who rules the world?

According to everyone else, it’s the Jews.


Finished The Mosquito Bowl. Learned a lot. Have started Willie Nelson’s Me and Paul.


Surprise: Trump’s company has appealed judge’s order to appoint monitor over Trump’s business dealings.


Today is your last chance to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. Thinking about the Kevin McCarthys and Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the country running

things is a truly frightening thing to contemplate.


Today I will omit “Go Ukraine” and focus entirely on Go United States of America. Our Democratic lives depend upon it.

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madeline mcconnell
madeline mcconnell

I am really frightened.


madeline mcconnell
madeline mcconnell

I am really frightened.

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