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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Last Tuesday, we had such a good time in Poggibonsi with my sister, first at the market, then at the restaurant, then buying oil, that we decided to try it again today with our daughter and her family. We will try to substitute going to the oil place for going to a cheese place, but that remains to be seen. Anyway, we leave at 10:30 am for another adventure.

Because of eating a big brunch Sunday and a big lunch today, except for going about 3000 steps to get fresh orange juice, I stayed home yesterday and ate home. Barbara took the two grandchildren to a museum and to Rivoire, a fancy place on Signoria Square where you can sit outside and have very good food and drinks. It is a really nice place to go.

Last night Beth, Walter and Kasey walked across the street to a restaurant that had a dinner promotion for the World Cup. Football, what we call soccer, is hugely popular all over the world, and there a few places in Florence where the games are not showing on big screens. I have been in both Rio when Brazil was playing and Santiago when Chile won its first World Cup game ever, and both made Mardi Gras look like a tea party.


I am not sure it happened, but I got on Donald Trump’s list and about every 15 minutes I get a text either from him or Eric Trump. Giving the devils their due, the way Trump is using the social media, or whatever, it is called, is a sight to behold.

The word that comes to mind is “manic”. It is some combination of Hitler’s Germany and college cheerleading if that makes sense. The message are clearly geared to get the reader to feel like he or she is part of a cult. They are inviting responses clearly intended to incite, intimidate and scare everyone into voting for Trump. Several times a day, I am offered a shit, a cup, to be among the elite supporters if I send money.

If Trump is speaking, I get texts from Eric like “Dad is killing it”. Here are just a few of the things I received yesterday:

  • Donald J Trump. I’m running for PRESIDENT in 2024. I need your support! Become a 2024 Presidential Founder.

  • Donald J. Trump. The only force strong enough to defeat the massive corruption we are up against is YOU. DONATE FOR 15X

  • EricTrump. DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS? Donald J. Trump will be America’s 47th President Donate and claim 1300% IMPACT.

  • Donald J. Trump: I trust YOUR OPINION. Who should be my VP for my 2024 Presidential race? I need your answer ASAP.

  • WIll you vote for Donald J Trump in 2024? Go on record. (Received this one three times in one day)

  • Donald J. Trump: THIS WILL NOT BE MY CAMPAIGN. THIS WILL BE OUR CAMPAIGN ALL TOGETHER. Stand with me for 15 X IMPACT. (Does anyone know what that is?)

  • FRIEND- YOU can be the 1st Patriot to sign the Thanksgiving Card for President Trump. You won’t get this chance again.


I think the man is truly crazy and more and more Republicans are tired of his craziness. Big donors are deserting him and his popularity in the polls is sinking rapidly.

The Democrats have a problem. Trump is the most beatable Republican likely to head the ticket. Meanwhile De Santis is just sitting back with a huge grin as Trump spirals downward.


I am enjoying the Merle Haggard biography although have not had a lot of time to read.


Next major event after today's pilgrimage is our Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night. Lots of work for Barbara to get the American part cooked and over to Gratella, where we will host the dinner.

We never know how big the turkey will be until it is delivered Thursday morning. Not as many people this year. Maybe 30.


Our lives are much simpler when we are in Italy. The pace is slower. Not ever having to drive is a pleasure. The food is healthier. No preservatives. Most everything is fresh. Almost anything we need is not more than a 30 minute walk, even if I do practically nothing, I have several thousand steps each day.


I keep looking for the Supreme Court to rule on Trump’s tax returns.


Today’s Hobson’s choice, which may become a regular feature. This is kind of like the common post “Do we get rid of turkey, or pumpkin pie, stuffing, or cranberry sauce?"

I ask do we get rid of Thomas or Alito?


Looks like Michigan is a 9 point underdog. That is a lot.


Go Ukraine

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