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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

It took a while, but the Supreme Court, with Thomas and Alito dissenting without opinion, voted 7 to 2 that the January 6 Committee’s subpoena of the telephone records of Arizona’s Republican Chairwoman was enforceable. She has to turn over the records.

Of course, even though we know Ginni Thomas meddled in Arizona election politics, Thomas did not recuse himself. That is an outrage in and of itself..


Yesterday went to Central Market early, and then stayed home rest of the day. Listened to Ella, Loretta and the first volume of Dylan’s Triplicate. Believe it or not he sings great standards really well. Dylan, like Leonard Cohen, I regard as a poet, and his phrasing is like listening to poetry.


In the sports world, the Eagles finally lost after winning eight in a row. I must say I was surprised because they were beaten by a mediocre Washington team. On any given Monday……..


Today we go the market in Poggibonsi, then to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants there, Boca d’Ersa, then to find newly pressed oil and some cheese of the area, most probably pecorino with truffles.


Am I the only person who do does not understand why the Arizona Governor’s race has not been called? Maybe Trump will call and say, “Just find me another 20,000 or so votes”. Her defeat will mean one less totally unqualified lunatic in public office, but we still have far too many. The law of averages will always give us some, but the present constituency of our elected officials far exceeds the law of averages.

Right after I wrote this but before it was posted, Hobbs was finally declared the winner. Expect anything from the loser.


I think those who study political science, sociology, history and related subjects in the coming decades have an unbelievably fertile opportunity . No one could possibly be at a loss to find a subject to study and write about.

Personally, I am fascinated about the mentality, the background, the education, secular and non secular, the values of those people who attend political rallies, cheer and vote for candidates and situations where people who have been hurt, who are ill, who have suffered irreparable damage are mocked and ridiculed.

Who raised these people? What was their home life like? Were they taught by their parents or grandparents or teachers to torture and kill animals or to beat up on others unable to defend themselves? Instead of sitting around the piano singing songs, do they have lectures on how to be evil and mean and only care about themselves? What kinds of books are they read at bedtime? Is there a cartoon version of Mein Kampf?.

Are there books how how to cheat? Why rules are only for the losers? Are the children taught that the best way to get ahead is to cheat?

I always joked that the nursing homes would look different in 50 years because Grandma and Grandpa would all be tattooed and have nipple and nose rings. Now I think these nursing homes will be full of patients who steal the other patients food and medicines and unplug their breathing machines to charge their phones.

Yes, there is a big patch of blue. Millions of Americans just went to the ballot box and repudiated these MAGA Republicans, but, at the same time, millions did not. About 20 races are still undecided. Many were decided by about 1%. How can Hershel Walker be in a runoff for U.S.Senator? As my friend John Ellis said, “the man cannot spell “cat” if you spotted him the “c” and the “a”.

How can a totally uneducated person be in Congress? We might as well let people who never went to school operate on us. How can we have a judicial system where a Supreme Court Justice is allowed to sit on cases involving his own Wife? Why are not trying harder to fix this problem?

I am told that there are no laws prohibiting this kind of nonsense. Okay, I get that but what I cannot wrap my brain around is why everyone is not outraged and scared to death?

Pretending these problems do not exist is not acceptable. The Republicans are threatening all kinds of dire consequences if Trump is indicted. He broke multiple laws on multiple occasions. He has gotten away with avoiding serious punishment his whole life. You and I would have already been in the clink a long time ago!

Trump calls DeSantis “sanctimonious”. Yup, he is right, but is anyone more sanctimonious than Trump himself? Give me a f——g break.

Fortunately, the young people, those between 18 and 21, saved America’s collective asses. So what is the Republican response? Change the law so that people that age cannot vote! This is not a joke.

We just escaped a complete tragedy, but. Somehow I feel like I just received a “Get Well” card which said “The vote was 15 to 14 with 3 abstentions”.


Go Ukraine

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