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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Third in Trivial Pursuit on first of five sea days,


Does anyone know if lawyers representing alleged victim of rape by Trump tried to subpoena him? I understand why Trump’s lawyers chose not to have him in court although it is tough to win a civil suit without the client. However, if I were on the other side, knowing the little I know, I would be salivating to call Trump as an adverse witness.


I am not surprised Chief Justice Roberts declined to appear before the Senate, but I am surprised he is appearing as nonchalant as he is concerning the ethics of his Court. I really think he is making a big mistake not being more aggressive in trying to clean house. This is a big problem.


A bigger problem, for now at least, is getting the debt ceiling raised. I cannot even imagine the negative effect of our defaulting on our financial obligations. The Republicans are acting in a totally irresponsible manner. Boo!


Barbara decided she needed one more day eating in the cabin. I cancelled dinner at Keller’s but went to a private dinner for the passengers taking the entire cruise. Ate with Harry the Hotel Manager who is really fascinating company. We get along very well.

Since it was 9:15 before we finished dinner, I went to the 9:30 show and enjoyed the singer very,

very much. She is South African with a beautiful voice and a well paced show receiving a standing ovation.

Managed to avoid alcohol and any starches so I think I will have lost all the weight I gained on the safaris. With the ship at sea, it is difficult to use our scale, but I can tell from my clothes that the bloat is gone.

I put others in charge of the market yesterday and you all let me down. My word!


Today we have a wine luncheon which is Barbara’s favorite shipboard activity that does not include yoga.


Can anyone explain Marjorie Taylor Greene? I cannot, and although there are a lot of scary people our there, both men and women, Greene is the scariest that comes to mind. That is really saying something.


I think I liked my post about the theatre composers better than any of my readers. Then again, I think I love the music and lyrics they wrote at least as well as any of my readers.


Time to go to a feather ball. Goodnight Mrs. Calabash wherever you are.


It would be nice if Marlins showed up against the Braves this coming series.


I will see you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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