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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Normally, if I have a point to make, I make it as succinctly as possible and then move on to my next point. This time I am going to make an exception and be unusually verbose. I do not have much else to say anyway so I am going to make a short story a long story.

Once upon a time, I practiced law without computers, with cell phones and no one ever heard of a fax machine. Mistakes were corrected laboriously, we used carbon paper and we had no machines that duplicated or printed.

Furthermore, on could count on his or her one hand the lawyers whose word could not be trusted. The practice of law was far more collegial and the lawyers far more ethical than they are today.

So I take you back to the days of yesteryear. I got into a huge case in a northern state where the opposing spouse and her lawyer were located. My client lived in Europe. It was the kind of case that could be very messy, last for years and ruin the lives of multiple people. However, if I had the right kind of lawyer on the other side, someone reasonable not looking to pile up fees, ethical and with what I considered to be the important values, the case would go100 times better for everyone.

The other lawyer and I had never met each other. As is almost always the case, if the lawyers do not know each other, they each due their due diligence in order to get an idea of not just the worthiness of their opponent, but also any information that will provide insight that could assist in obtaining the best possible result.

This was a big enough case, and, in my view, the character of my opposing counsel was a very important factor. I also think that how good someone’s marriage is and how he or she treats his or her spouse is important.

I arranged to fly several thousand miles with Barbara to have a lunch meeting with opposing counsel asking that he bring his Wife. After about a four hour meeting including lunch. I had a strong feeling, which turned out to be correct, that the case would ultimately be settled. After the meeting ended, Barbara wanted to do whatever, and I said I would do it as soon as I called the client. Barbara asked why I could not wait and do it later. I responded that if she were the client and she knew her lawyer was having a crucial meeting, that she would want the results right.away.

I remember going to a pay phone in the street, calling my client’s local office and asking that I be patched through to my client. His phone rang maybe once before he answered it because he was sitting at his desk very anxious and waiting for my call.

I tell you this story because I think too many doctors, lawyers and others do not put themselves in the place of those to whom they render a service. I had some medical tests last week. I want to know the results but have not received them. Maybe, no news is good news, but the point remains that if I were representing my doctor and received a decision in his case, he would want to know right away and not several days later. ————————— Nice win in the Supreme Court for the liberals. Court let stand redistricting in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. I am not sure Thomas or Alito have ever voted the way I think they should. —————————- Congress is going to pass a bi-partisan bill banning Russian energy imports. No one knows if Biden will sign it. No one know if he refuses whether it can be passed anyway.

One of our major problems is that not all our allies agree. Nor every country has the alternate resources we have.

There are many tricky diplomacy issues, but I think, for whatever my opinion is worth, that this needs to get done. I have a lot of confidence in Biden and his administration on these issues. Even more important is that the Republicans and Democrats are finally working together. At least that appears to be the case.

Stay tuned.

See you tomorrow.

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