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Tuesday, March 1

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Amazing, that the always neutral Switzerland has agreed to impose bank sanctions against Russia. ———————- Jeter is gone from the Marlins. I am not unhappy. He was a great player. He may even have done a good job that, because of my not knowing the business of baseball as well as those who are insiders, but I do not think so,

I am of the opinion that the Marlins are the worst franchise in Major League Baseball. I believe during Jeter’s tenure, the attendance went down a non trivial amount. I am confident other facts could easily be garnered to support my opinion, but the point is obvious already so why beat a dead Marlin.

I know that each time I met him, and there were several occasions, I thought he was somewhat arrogant and not interested in hearing from fans even good ones like me who has four very expensive seats for the season

My rep is good and friendly as are most of the others with whom I deal. They try to do whati ask. However, they do not make policy so their hands are tied and we are left with fan unfriendly results.. ——————- I just saw a headline on television where the caption read “Supreme Court Confirmation Fight”. This nominee should be confirmed 100-0. Every negative vote is not just an insult to the nominee, but also to the entire country.

“100, you gotta problem with that?” This is the answer to the question “how any teamsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?”. ———————— No matter what good things the Democrats do, the Republicans will never acknowledge it. Conversely, whatever good things the Republicans do, the Democrats will never acknowledge it. The difference is that the Republicans know how to toot their own horn and the Democrats do not.

Actually, today’s Republicans are doing nothing except try to stop anything the Democrats want to do, and to seek power, but there was a time when they did a lot of good things. ——————— Romney said that those Republicans backing Putin were being close to treasonous. He did not go far enough. It is treason. What I want to know is ”why?” Unless one is a Communist, I cannot think of as reason. What is in it for any American, especially elected officials speaking out in favor of our sworn enemy?

Trump not only praised Putin, but he told his audience that our leadership was “dumb”, that kind of statement simply undermines the United States on the world’s stage. Another question. I am sure you have noticed that every time Trump steps up the podium, he applauds. Why? Is he applauding the half-wits who are cheering him? Is he trying to generate applause for himself—-sort of warming up the crowd for the headliner? Oh, he is the headliner. ————————- Ukraine has either applied to join the European Union or is about to. Everything should be done to expedite Ukraine’s admission. ————————— The President of Ukraine is the world’s new superstar and deservedly so. We were disconnected when he called me for advice so I am advising him in the post: Joe Biden is one of Ukraine’s best friends. Joe Biden needs help in his own un-unified country. It is not in Ukraine’s best interests that Biden be hamstrung at home. The President of Ukraine should go out of his way to praise Biden and make Biden look good. Ukraine does not, should not want the Republicans back in control. ———————— Here is a phrase I heard a guest on a talk show use that I really liked: “It is not the size of the dog in a is the size of the fight in the dog”. Wish I had thought of that. ———————— My trainer came back yesterday and I did okay. He is scheduled to come back this morning. I never know for sure until he actually arrived. ————————- Somehow, miraculously, I did not lose my ass in the stock market yesterday. The market rallied some but still ended up down. At about 4 am this morning, the futures were up some. ————————- Still no resolution of the baseball strike, but at least now, it appears serious efforts are being made to reach a resolution. Previously, it did not appear to me that the owners were really even trying. ———————— The next few days will be crucial for Ukraine. A massive assault is on its way to their Capitol and Putin is getting crazier and crazier. The Russian stock market will be closed again and Russia has already taken massive hits to their economy. For sure, Putin did not expect virtually the rest of the world to unify against him. Thank the Biden administration which played a crucial role in making this happen. ——————— Lots of things to root for today and please listen to the President tonight as well as the Republicans if they even show up. ——————- See you tomorrow or as I used to say, “baby, if the bed breaks down, I’ll see you in the spring”.

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