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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Big deal. Four Proud Boys indicted for seditious conspiracy.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose office is located at the bottom of the barrel, has now vetoed a $2 million bill that would have made it much safer for school children to travel back and forth to school.


Actually, the big news for me on Monday was me. I saw the orthopedic surgeon and have made great strides. My leg is totally stable and I now longer need a brace. Whether I use crutches is up to me.

Doctor said I was in bed for five weeks resting my leg, and it will take another ten weeks to get back to normal. I can now put weight on my injured leg and start moving much as I can. Dr. will see me in two weeks just to be sure I will do as well as he expects me to do.

The bottom line is not that I received the best possible report. New X-rays were taken and my leg is technically mended. Yeah! It will take a while for me to realize I can actually walk.

Barbara has been waiting on me hand and foot for five weeks. She, of course, was in the examination room with me. If I have a serious issue, she must be there.

I told her she misheard and that she needs to continue doing everything for another month. Remember Eddie Murphy, “Who you gonna believe, your own eyes or your honey?”. Barbara believed her own ears.


Today Barbara and I go to a retirement lunch for Bob Schwartz. Technically, I could probably drive, but I think Barbara will drive. I am still getting used to the fact that I can walk on my own. Stairs, particularly going down, will be tough.


There is really no question that Trump and others tried to overthrow the government and many still are. Why isn’t everyone outraged.? This whole thing is surreal.


Who cares what happens to Boris Johnson?


Tell me again why anyone needs a semiautomatic rifle. You cooked my three minute eggs for four minutes and I have had enough -- bang, bang, bang.


One of the biggest things I miss about Florence is the Tuscan bread, which is salt-free. We have searched and searched and cannot find any salt-free bread in South Florida.


Who has the job of coordinating all Trump’s litigations? Someone has to be in charge of retaining counsel and overseeing the various matters. Seems to me it is a full-time job for more than one person, but someone has to be in charge. I have no idea who that person might be.


There are dumber ideas than arming our teachers but I am have trouble thinking of them.

I am also having trouble with people who do not support Gay Pride. That is just another issue where if it is not for you, don’t do it. What is the difference what other people do? It costs you nothing to live and let live.


Go Ukraine

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